Halifax FP - Season 2

The Nine Network (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Sweet Dreams
    Sweet Dreams
    Episode 3
    The return of Jonah Cole adds some light relief into Jane's life, but his increasingly erratic behaviour begins to worry her. Jane finds herself caught up in Jonah's relentless hunt for dirty cops and as the bodies begin to pile up, it looks likely that Jonah is the killer.
  • Cradle and All
    Cradle and All
    Episode 2
    Jane becomes the target of an obsessive admirer. At first she dismisses it as trivial, but when his declarations of love turn to threats, she realises that he is deadly serious. Jane's mother is seriously injured while driving Jane's car, her assistant Ari is beaten unconscious, as the stalker succeeds in isolating Jane from those around her. Handling a complex case of infanticide, caring for her mother and dealing with a dangerous erotomaniac who seems to be tracking her every move, Jane is rapidly reaching breaking point.moreless
  • Without Consent
    Without Consent
    Episode 1
    When a series of rapes take place, the M.O. matches exactly that of recently released William Reedman. However the case proves to be anything but straight forward when it emerges that Jane is his alibi.