Halifax FP - Season 4

The Nine Network (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • A Murder of Crows
    A Murder of Crows
    Episode 3
    While visiting her mother, Angela, Jane helps out at the local hospital after a fatal bus crash.
    The following day, the driver responsible for three deaths is murdered and Jane finds herself assisting the police in the hunt for a killer.
    Is it revenge or is there a more sinister motive?moreless
  • Swimming with Sharks
    A gritty prison setting sees Jane working with an ex-boyfriend to try and uncover a murderer amongst a group of psychopaths - all convicted of murder. Jane begins to realise that there is an alterior motive for this killing, but what can be even more threatening than anything they have already done? A fire soon sees Jane alone in the prison unit with four dangerous killers.moreless
  • Someone You Know
    Someone You Know
    Episode 1
    Jane has a new boyfriend whose passion is glider flying - something Jane is rather nervous about. However, she is called away to work on the case of a serial killer who murders women who are having affairs. The killer leaves a message scrawled in blood on a mirror, "Help me, Jane." The police think he must be one of Jane's patients, but Jane is not so sure. To complicate matters, Jane's boyfriend is an ex-patient and tries to pressurise Jane into deleting his file from her computer. One of the female detectives is having trouble with this case. Jane recognises her symptoms and tries to help, but something buried deep in her past has been re-awakened. Investigating further, Jane discovers that her mother is also called Jane. Jane discovers that the police have been following her and when one of her more vulnerable patients ends up in hospital as a result, she finds herself pressurised from all sides to uncover the killer.moreless