Halifax FP

Season 6 Episode 3

Takes Two

Aired Unknown Jul 07, 2002 on The Nine Network

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  • In this last ever episode of "Halifax fp", Jane is again having trouble in her private life as she begins an affair with a married man. The parole board asks her to assess a person accused of malicious damage and it all seems ordinary, but is it?

    Jane Halifax (Rebecca Gibney) has never had it easy when it came to romance. In her latest affair of the heart, her lover is a married man and she seems to be content with this arrangement due to having a terrible fear of committment. (As we have seen throughout the whole series.) At the same time, the parole board wishes her to assess the case of a rather strange young woman who has deliberately caused damage to a neighbour's vehicle. It's routine, and she doesn't think much more about it apart from noting that the girl has some odd ideas about a few things.

    It turns out that the odd young woman, Ellie Potson, (Mary Docker) is a would-be novelist, a great fan of Jane's books and is the submissive partner in a lesbian relationship with Karen Oldfield. (Sacha Horler). Ellie shows Jane her "novel" which clearly illustrates a highly disturbed mind but Karen is very dominant and keeps Ellie close to her at all times. Jane feels that the relationship between the two women is a co-dependency and that it is highly unhealthy, particularly for Ellie whom, it seems cannot make any decisions or movements without her partners' say so.

    When people start dying, Jane has to wonder whether her original assessment was correct or whether there is much more to the entire situation than meets the eye.

    Not a bad episode upon which to finish a great series. The performances from Mary Docker and Sacha Horler were particularly noteworthy and, as always, Rebecca Gibney shows us why she is considered one of the most talented actresses in Australia.

    This series, overall, is superb and if you enjoy a thought-provoking, slick crime/drama then you should most certainly make a point of watching it.