Halifax FP

Season 1 Episode 3

The Feeding

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 1995 on The Nine Network
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The Feeding
Rogue cop, Jonah Cole, from Sydney comes to town on the hunt for the 'Make-up Killer.' This is a high profile case where the police are under pressure from politicans and the media to get a result. Calling on Jane Halifax to provide a profile of the serial killer, Jane and Jonah initially lock horns in their attempt to catch the culprit. With his acute sense of smell, Jonah recognises a familiar scent that links all the victims. Abrasive and eccentric in his approach, Jonah's obsession to find the killer wins him no friends, but Jane proves to be equally skilled as his work-mate in this deadly and dangerous pursuit.moreless

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  • The police need help in identifying a serial killer who has been labelled 'The Make-Up Murderer' and they call upon Dr. Jane Halifax to help them by creating a likely profile of the offender.moreless

    Melbourne women are being terrorised by a serial killer dubbed by the press 'The Make-Up Murderer.' Several women have been abducted, tortured, then murdered and their bodies left with fully made-up faces. Dr. Jane Halifax (Rebecca Gibney) is asked by the investigating officers to help construct a psychological profile of the offender they are seeking.

    Detective Brigit Grant (Deborra-Lee Furness) is the only female officer working the case and she is grateful for Jane's assistance. Sydney Detective Jonah Cole, (Steve Bisley) however, is not so keen on assistance from Jane or anyone else. Seen as an accentric 'has been' by most of the Melbourne squad, Cole certainly has his own unique style of investigative technique. With a highly developed sense of smell, he spends a great deal of time trying to isolate a particular odour which he finds evident on the body of the latest victim.

    Jane's profile points to a killer who has a hidden and secure location as the women are held for several days after their abduction before they are 'made-up' and their dead bodies dumped.

    The state Premier (Peter Adams) keeps vowing to crack down on crime and is constantly reassuring the public that his crack team of detectives will soon apprehend the person responsible. In reality, it is more than obvious to Jane and the police that he is using the horror aspects of the case to further his own political agenda.

    It is quite by chance that the abduction of one of the women is witnessed by an elderly gentleman who not only knows his cars but gives the police a couple of very good leads to follow. Almost by accident, their investigations lead them to a young girl named Frances (Frances O' Connor) who is taken in for questioning and proves more than a match for everyone working the case. Frances lost her entire family in an accident some time ago and she is far too clever to give the officers anything to go on, if, indeed, she knows anything at all.

    When left alone, Frances begins to sing a song with indistinct words but the phrase 'two birds, one nest' is clearly audible on the CCTV footage at the police station.

    With no concrete evidence on which to hold her, the police reluctantly release Frances but resolve to keep an eye on her, an action which doesn't work out terribly well as she gives them the slip with ease. Meanwhile, Jonah Cole is still trying desperately to recollect where he has smelled the odour which he noticed on the body of the victim, but still without luck.

    A new lead comes in in the form of the particular brand of make-up used by the killer. Detectives are placed in the stores which carry the line and, sure enough, before too long, Frances turns up at one of them to make a purchase. Meanwhile, Jane finds a red rose on the windshield of her car and is concerned that the killer may be watching her. At around the same time, Detective Grant becomes the next victim when she is abducted from her home.

    Working against the clock to try and save the life of their colleague before her time runs out, Jane watches the tape of Frances alone in the interrogation room and realises that the phrase "two birds, one nest" is significant because Frances's twin brother, Joe, (Dino Marnika) was killed in the accident with the rest of the family. Or was he?

    Jane finds out with lightning speed that Joe did NOT die in the crash and quickly deduces that he and his sister are the killers they are seeking. Meanwhile, captive Brigit Grant is bound and gagged and forced to watch the incestuous actions of the clearly unbalanced twins and then take part in a bizzare re-enactment of a time from their past when they were badly abused by their mother.

    Just in the nick of time, Jonah Cole, dogged to the end, identifies the smell as being that of wet wool and they quickly trace everything to an old, abandoned woolshed where they are just in time to save the detectives life and where Joe meets his end.

    Jane finds out that it was Brigit who actually left the rose on her car but makes it clear that she is not interested.

    Another excellent episode and well worth watching, especially to see an early performance from the multi-talented Frances O' Connor who excelled in this role.moreless

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