Halifax FP

Season 6 Episode 1

The Scorpion's Kiss

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 2001 on The Nine Network

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  • There is a stalker on the loose and when he is caught, Jane is asked to provide an assessment.

    Dr. Jane Halifax (Rebecca Gibney)is called in by the authorities to assess a stalker. After careful analysis, she assures the judge that he is not a true threat and he can be safely released. This decision does not go down well with the victim or her husband as they believe that the man is dangerous and could become a physical threat.

    Not much later, Jane feels entirely rsponsible when the woman is murdered and it's obvious to everyone concerned that the stalker whom Jane deemed safe is responsible for her death. The police quickly round him up and he is arrested. That should be the end of the case but it isn't because Jane finds herself wondering whether or not they have the right man after all. When ASIO become involved, things get very complicated and nobody is sure who did what!

    In my opinion, a mediocre second-last episode for this mostly fantastic series. Not even the undeniable skill of Rebecca Gibney can save this one but it's near the end of the show's run so fans will still enjoy watching it.
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