Halifax FP

Season 5 Episode 2

The Spider and the Fly

Aired Unknown Aug 27, 2000 on The Nine Network

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  • Jane is devastated when her best friend and fellow psychiatrist passes away suddenly and even more so when she suspects murder.

    Dr. Jane Halifax (Rebecca Gibney) is in New Zealand when she hears of the death of her best friend, Dr. Lisa Hardman. (Fiona Corke). Lisa, also a psychiatrist, has been Jane's friend many years and her sudden passing is a great shock to everyone, especially her husband and two young sons. The autopsy reveals that Lisa died of natural causes but this is no comfort to the bereft family.

    Jane temporarily moves into the home to help with the boys and to close up Lisa's practice and refer her current patients on to other doctors. One patient in particular, Alison Blount, (Essie Davis) seems particularly saddened by her doctor's death and isn't keen on the idea of having to see another practitioner. To add to this, Alison, a highly talented musician, begins to slowly ingratiate herself with Lisa's family by cooking meals for them and offering music lessons to one of the boys.

    Alison's behaviour is disturbing to Jane, but Lisa's widower, Dr. Tim McNamara, (Andrew McKaige) and the two young boys are delighted with her friendship and assistance. Tim passes Jane's worries off as paranoia and Jane hopes that he is right until she and then Tim get very sick and Jane is convinced that Alison is poisoning everyone and means to kill them. Investigations into Alison's past reveal the suspicious death of her sister many years previously and problems with the families of music students Alison has taught in the past who had trouble keeping her out of their lives.

    Armed with lab reports and all the evidence she needs, Jane and the police close in on Alison, who has the last laugh by taking her own life with cyanide while in police custody. It should, theoretically, all be over, but will Jane be in time to save the last of Alison's intended victims?

    A brilliant episode from start to finish and a riveting performance by Essie Davis give this episode a definite place in the "Halifax fp" Top 10. Watch this one. You won't be sorry.