Hall of Game Awards

Friday 7:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Feb 25, 2011 Special


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Hall of Game Awards

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Tony Hawk is set to host this award show experience that allows viewers to vote for their favorite sports stars and memorable moments of the year.

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AIRED ON 2/21/2014

Season 1 : Episode 4

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  • Horrible

    Just Horrible
  • Terrible.

    I thought this was a video game award show, but instead it was boring ESPN crap. Why are there sports awards on a kid show anyway???????????
  • I absolutely refuse to watch this

    I want to watch the actual good shows on CN, like Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe. Even though this airs only once a year, it's a complete waste of time and not worth watching.
  • A word to both Nicktoons and Cartoon Network: Leave the sports stuff to sports networks like ESPN!

    As if the CN Real shows and Kids' Choice Awards were bad enough, now we get this garbage?! The Hall of Game Awards?! I always thought that this network was called CARTOON Network, not Live-Action Network! And I can't believe this is still on! It has been on for three years and we're all tired of it already! What's next? Are you going to air a kid version of Jersey Shore and Honey Boo Boo? Look, get one thing straight, Stuart Snyder. If you want this network to have the right name, either air those crappy shows on a different channel or don't air them at all! Because kids watch Cartoon Network to watch cartoons! This isn't a variety channel!

    Now, onto the Hall of Games. This is the worst awards show in history. There is another sports award show called the ESPY Awards. This awards show is just another excuse for Cartoon Network to top Nickelodeon for the Kids Choice Awards. COME ON, CARTOON NETWORK! Just because Nick does an awards show doesn't mean you get to 1-up them by doing an awards show too! You guys were doing better than Nick in shows IMO. The hosts aren't funny, the acts aren't entertaining, and the musical guests are sometimes so bad, they make me want to blow my brains out! Nothing about this awards show is entertaining in any way possible! Not even the credits entertained me! So if you want your network to be good, don't fill it with live-action crap like this!

    Rating: 0/10 (I'd rate it 0, but I'm not allowedmoreless
  • Review for Cartoon Network

    Cartoon Network is going downfall. Theres no need for the hall of game awards. Nickelodeons Kids Choice awards makes more sense because nickelodeon is not all about cartoons anymore. Its more hip now. And Cartoon Network is starting to get weirder and weirder. For say Annoying Orange, Its so weird. Theres no need for that to be on Cartoon Network. Annoying Orange should have stayed on Youtube. Cartoon Network is all weird shit. They should change instead of Cartoon Network to Weird Ass Networkmoreless

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