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When did Hallmark Hall of Fame originate

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    What year did Hallmark start it's TV production ?? As a young boy, I recall lying on the floor listening to
    the radio where the whole family would enjoy, "Jack Benny", "Lucky Strike Hit Parade", "My Friend Erma",
    "Fibber Magee and Molly" ect.ect. Then I am quite sure we listened to Hallmarks Hall of Fame, if not it was
    a program that created great family stories that everone enjoyed.

    The year of course was 1930's and 1940's. Some of the best moral and commedy programs were created
    and to this day I still in my mind-eye remember some of those emotional and comedic lines of that era.

    There was some great stuff and I miss that in todaystype of programing. We need the silly love connections
    the tearfulltragedies and the great commedy.............................................

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    Miss it today's type of programming? They just aired a new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie this past Sunday.
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