Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 14

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Holy Terror
    The Holy Terror
    Episode 4
    Florence Nightingale heroine of the Crimean War and founder of modern nursing shocked Victorian London by giving up her gay social life to nurse the sick, poor and elderly in institutions so unsanitary and poorly managed that few patients ever recovered. Miss Nightingale's later experiences in the Crimea where, despite deplorable conditions, her nurses reduced the death rate among soldier patients from 42 to 2 percent in four months at the notorious Scutari Hospital. It was during this period that she contracted a fever that invalided her much of her long life and it was her exploits in the Crimea, chronicled by journalism's first war correspondent, William Howard Russell of the London Times, that made her a national heroine.moreless
  • The Magnificent Yankee
    The life of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, from his appointment to the Supreme Court by Theodore Roosevelt, through the administrations of Taft, Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Dramatizes the love between Holmes and his wife Fanny, and their relationships with their many "sons"—Holmes' law students.
  • The Other World of Winston Churchill
    Actress Merle Oberon talks about her first painting teacher - Winston Churchill. "The Other World of Winston Churchill" deals with Churchill's career as an amateur artist.
  • The Fantasticks
    The Fantasticks
    Episode 1
    The story of a young couple in love who live next door to each other and are forbidden to associate. Despite interference from their fathers and a wall between their yards, the couple seek each other out. Their parents who feud with each other change their minds and help the course of young love. Songs: Ricardo sings "Try to Remember". Susan sings "Much More". John and Susan duet with "Metaphor". Bert & Stanley sings "Never Say No". Ricardo does "It Depends on What You Pay". John and Susan perform "Soon It's Gonna Rain". Bert, Stanley and Ricardo perform "Happy Ending". John and Ricardo do "I Can See It". John and Susan sing "They Were You".moreless