Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 15

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Lamp at Midnight
    Lamp at Midnight
    Episode 3
    Fear of torture, sickness and old age forced Galileo to compromise his views. Afraid of what the Church considered to be heretical views, and most important the inquistor found a way of getting to him intellectually. His dilemma unfolds as he fears the loss of his eternal soul after he challenged the Aristotelian theory that the Earth was stationary with the sun and the other planets revolved about it. Galileo having seen proof through the telescope that the planets revolve about the sun, accepted the controversial Copernican theory of rotation and revolution.moreless
  • Inherit the Wind
    Inherit the Wind
    Episode 2
    A young man, Bert Cates, is arrested in a small Bible Belt town for teaching the theory of Evolution in the public school. Two of the finest legal minds in the U.S. are called to the trial: Henry Drummond for the defense, and Matthew Harrison Brady for the prosecution. The trial proceeds on three levels, the guilt or innocence of Cates, the issue of the Bible vs. Darwin, and finally, the personal confrontation between Drummond and Brady.moreless
  • Eagle in a Cage
    Eagle in a Cage
    Episode 1
    The story chronicles a series of foiled plans of escape as Napoleon's hopes and health ebb simultaneously, but the real story is the personal one, the evolution of the man. In the beginning, Napoleon believes his own legend, but when he befriends an idealistic doctor, and an innocent girl, he finds himself having to justify some of his less savory exploits. When Napoleon is told he is dying, he hurries to finish his memoirs before history distorts the truth, only to find he can no longer believe what he thought was truth.moreless