Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 17

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Admirable Crichton
    Lady Mary's engagement is threatened when Lady Brocklehurst decides to question Crichton and Tweeny to determine whether the servants kept their places on the island and if Lord Loam's democratic ideas, which she abhors, proved practical. She is also curious to know whether Lady Mary may have been compromised by romantic developments in the two-year period of the group's isolation. Crichton, who never tells a lie, manages to save the day by adhereing strictly to the word of truth and not going into particulars.moreless
  • Elizabeth the Queen
    Set in the 1500's, revolves around the stormy affair of Queen Elizabeth I, shrewdly intelligent and dedicated to her subjects; and the Earl of Essex, an ambitious and impetuous member of her court. Their quarrels and reconciliations are set against a tapestry of intrigue: nobles and advisors seeking to ruin their enemies while gaining power and the favor of the Queen.moreless
  • Saint Joan
    Saint Joan
    Episode 2
    The story of a peasant girl who at age 17 presents herself to the uncrowned Charles VII, the Dauphin, and tells him heavenly voices have commanded her to lead the French forces to victory over an invading English Army. In two years, Joan sees her sovereign crowned, is betrayed by fanatically religious French clergy who think her either demented or possessed by the devil and is turned over to English jailers and ultimately tried by a church court and condemned to death at the stake.moreless
  • A Bell for Adano
    A Bell for Adano
    Episode 1
    The story concerns the village of Adano, in the days immediately following the Allied invasion of Sicily in World War II. A representative of the American Military Government, Major Victor Joppolo, his aide Sergeant Leonard Borth, and a small company of men arrive to reestablish civic order in the war-torn village. The chief concern of the Major is to see that the sick and wounded are cared for, the people fed, and a semblance of normal life restored. But, to his amazement, the town is obsessed with the acquisition of a bell for its City Hall, to replace the one Mussolini ordered seized and melted down for gun barrels. In time, the Major devises a plan for obtaining a bell.moreless