Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 19

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Neither Are We Enemies
    The Hebrew judge Joseph of Arimathea and his son Jonathan are troubled by the Roman occupation of their land, Judea. Both have listened to the words of the prophet Jesus and Joseph sees the man of Nazareth as the Messiah, sent to give the people hope without stirring up revolution. Young Jonathan, filled with the same seething resentments as his friends, hears a different message. He interprets Jesus's words as a call to arms.moreless
  • A Storm in Summer
    A Storm in Summer
    Episode 3
    A 10-year-old ghetto black boy and a 71-year-old cynical Jew who has dropped out of the human race after his son was killed in World War II is determined to remain bitter and miserable until the two are brought together.
  • The Littlest Angel
    The Littlest Angel
    Episode 2
    Michael a small boy is adjusting to his new condition with a strength of will and a determination that wins the favor of God, especially after he presents his "special" gift to the infant Jesus.
  • The File on Devlin
    The File on Devlin
    Episode 1
    Kenneth Canfield, a journalist who also works for British intelligence, becomes suspicious that something more sinister is going on when he sees a known Soviet agent breaking into Lawrence Devlin's London flat. Lawrence's daughter believes the Russians are responsible for her father's disappearance. Kenneth juggles the needs of his espionage work with his developing feelings for Devlin's daughter Sally to solve the mystery.moreless