Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 3

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • John Paul Jones
    John Paul Jones
    Episode 40
    In North Carolina John Paul met a plantation owner named Wylie Jones who, impressed with the young sailor's candor, honesty and knowledge of ships, took him into the family. When the American Revolution started, he was reluctant to become involved but Wylie Jones convinced him of the worthiness of the cause. Adopting the family name of Jones as his own, he joined the Navy.moreless
  • Wife Unto Caesar
    Wife Unto Caesar
    Episode 39
    Calpurnia, deeply in love with her soldier husband, is rejected by him when she visits his battlefield headquarters. Caesar orders her back to Rome. There she learns that Pompey is plotting against Caesar's life. Pretending affection for Pompey, she obtains the plot details and makes a desperate attempt to reach her husband on the battlefield to warn him in time.moreless
  • Flight From Cathay
    Flight From Cathay
    Episode 38
    Chinese princess, Kukachin, is befriended by the adventurous Marco Polo. Young Polo, his father and uncle, although respected advisors to Kubla Khan, are held virtually as prisoners in the Emperor's palace. They desperately wish to return to Venice and hit upon a scheme to escort the Princess Kukachin to Persia, where she will marry the Shah. From there they plan to escape to their home. On arriving in Persia, the princess is disillusioned to learn the Shah is a man in his late eighties. But fate aids Marco Polo, who finds a happy solution to the princess' problem and then makes his long-delayed way home.moreless
  • Come to the Window
    Come to the Window
    Episode 37
    Songstress Jenny Lind is exhausted after a concert tour of the United States under the driving managership of P.T. Barnum and decides to abandon her theatrical career, marry an English suitor and retire in England. However, Otto Goldschmidt, her devoted accompanist, realizes the beautiful coloratura could never be happy as a housewife. He loves Jenny, and believes her voice is a gift to the world.moreless
  • A Reckless Youth
    A Reckless Youth
    Episode 36
    The story of how Samuel Clemens met and wooed Olivia Langdon. After working as a newspaperman in San Francisco Samuel Clemens visited New York for what he intended to be a brief social call on a friend. When he meets his friend's attractive sister, Olivia, he extends his visit to a sojourn at their country vacation home. Her father took, a dim view of Clemens' dependability and potential, but Clemens wins the heart of Olivia. The man who was destined to be world-famed as Mark Twain uses a most unusual method to gain the father's approval.moreless
  • The Armour-Bearer
    The Armour-Bearer
    Episode 35
    The story of how Russell Conwell, abandoned a lucrative law practice to become a minister and a great humanitarian, as a result of the death of his armour-bearer in the Civil War.
  • Serra and San Francisco
    Catholic missionary Father Junipera Serra, founder of over 18 missions along the West Coast in the 1770's and his efforts to help prevent the Russians from invading the U.S. through Alaska are dramatized.
  • Moby Dick
    Moby Dick
    Episode 33
    The story of Ishmael's account of the great Captain Ahab's pursuit of a white whale. Ishmael becomes friends with Queequeg a fierce harpooner who tells him stories of the great whale. Ishmael joins the whaling ship and sets out with the notorious Captain Ahab.
  • Portrait By Whistler
    The story of the struggles of famed artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler who gained recognition of the painting of his mother and depicts the time that the sheriff almost takes away his famous "Arrangement in Black and Gray". Due to his financial debts, a friend steps in to pay them off.moreless
  • Petticoat Revolution
    The story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, wife of a Seneca Falls (N.Y.) lawyer, who joined another feminist leader, Mrs. Bloomer, in a campaign to permit women to own property and to keep the money they earn.
  • Lafayette For Freedom
    The story of a French nobleman's belief in the cause of the American Revolution is dramatized. Although his aristocratic French family upholds the monarchy Lafayette, stirred by accounts of American colonists' fight for liberty, determines to devote his life and sword to their cause. He steals away to America on a vessel he charters, but on arrival in Charleston is rejected with suspicion as a foreigner. After many hardships, Lafayette's faith in the American cause is renewed when he meets General Washington. Deeply impressed with the young Frenchman's zeal, Washington accepts him as friend and ally.moreless
  • The Story of Ruth
    The Story of Ruth
    Episode 29
    The biblical story of Ruth is told. Ruth, a childless widow and foreigner is helped by an older woman Naomi overcome the many obstacles of her life.
  • The Liberator
    The Liberator
    Episode 28
    The story of Simon Bolivar who played a key role in Venezuela's struggle for independence from the tyranny of Spain.
  • Young William Penn
    Young William Penn
    Episode 27
    The story of a young privileged son who was greatly affected by the preaching of Quaker minister Thomas Loe and was an early champion of democracy and religious freedom.
  • The Ordeal of Thomas Jefferson
    The ordeal of Thomas Jefferson when his enemies branded him as a traitor, spy and believer in "government by rabble". During which alien and sedition laws were passed, making it a crime to criticize the United States; newspapers were destroyed and non-conforming Congressmen were jailed. But Jefferson fought for the right of this nation's citizens to be free in the right to disagree with one another.moreless
  • Out of Jules Verne
    Out of Jules Verne
    Episode 25
    The story of Jules Verne's desire to become a successful writer after his failed attempt as a playwright. He abandoned writing for the stage when he married a young widow and started a business in the Stock Exchange at which he also failed. His wife and a friend Nadar the pioneer balloonist encouraged him to write again and his first book, a fantasy about balloon ascension to the planets, became a sensational success when its publication coincided with Nadar's balloon flight over Paris. Verne was also launched on his career as a successful author of science fiction.moreless
  • The Road to Tara
    The Road to Tara
    Episode 24
    Christian Patricius escapes slavery in pagan Eire and returns later to bring the faith to Ireland in story of St. Patrick.
  • The Good Samaritan
    The Good Samaritan
    Episode 23
    A story about how a man's efforts to teach civilization over the ages about helping mankind overcome and survive suffering and pain, leading to the formation of the Red Cross.
  • The Turbulent Air
    The Turbulent Air
    Episode 22
    Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier was a chemist and biologist who recognized and named both oxygen and hydrogen. This is his story as the Parisienne who developed the metric system was accused of selling watered down tobacco and other crimes during the French Revolution and was guillotined.
  • Miss Tracy of Mt. Vernon
    Sarah Tracy, a remarkable woman arranged it so that both Union and Confederate soldiers could use the famed shrine as a resting place during the course of the Civil War.
  • Crusader Against Cruelty
    The story of Henry Bergh, founder of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is dramatized.
  • The Hands of Clara Schumann
    Pianist Clara Schumann, wife of Robert Schumann and mother of eight, has her life dramatized in this episode.
  • Lone Star
    Lone Star
    Episode 18
    The saga of the Texas hero, Sam Houston tells of the battle with the Mexicans, the fall of the Alamo, Santa Ana and the eventual battle for freedom.
  • King Richard II
    King Richard II
    Episode 17
    King Richard II presented in three acts is the story of a King who ruled by divine right. His excesses and failure with to his people and country while overseeing his country's war with Ireland, turned them into a group of disgruntled nobelmen who formed an army to overthrow the King and claim his throne.moreless
  • The St. Cloud Storm
    The St. Cloud Storm
    Episode 16
    Pioneering woman Jane Grey Swisshelm was a teacher turned journalist voicing her opinions on women's rights and abolitioning slavery and the death penalty. It was her accusations against General Sylvanus Lowry of swindling the Indians, ordering vigilante attacks on suspected claim jumpers and torturing his own slaves that landed her into trouble nearly causing her death when her newspaper office was destroyed.moreless
  • Crusade to Liberty
    Crusade to Liberty
    Episode 15
    In 1732, James Edward Oglethorpe fought a losing battle for the freedom of all unfortunate Englishmen rotting in jail because they owe money. Oglethorpe conceived a plan of starting a colony, to be made up of freed debtors, in the New World. When a boatload of debtors arrived at what was later to become Georgia, the warlike Indians imperiled the beleaguered band. When his fiancee, Anne Dabney, was murdered by the Indians, Oglethorpe swore vengeance. Oglethorpe upon receiving calmer advice rebuilt the colony and became Georgia's first Governor, outlawing jail terms for men in debt.moreless
  • John Marshall and the Burr Case
    Chief Justice John Marshall presided over the case involving Aaron Burr with treason. In 1805 Burr attempted to purchase more than one million acres in Orleans Territory, meeting up with Brigadier General James Wilkinson, Governor of the Louisiana Territory and a secret agent of the Spanish Crown. Charged and tried for treason twice in Mississippi and acquitted both times other evidence was brought forth and Burr was arrested and taken to Richmond to stand trial under the order's of President Jefferson. Marshall's final ruling at the conspirators' meeting was the Burr had not committed any overt act of treason after he was indicted for instigating war against Spain.moreless
  • Blaze of Darkness
    Blaze of Darkness
    Episode 13
    The story of writer John Milton's life in the mid-seventeeth century where he used his fiery pen to espouse the cause of Oliver Cromwell against the throne, since he believed that Cromwell would make England the World's first true democracy. But with Cromwell's advent to power, he plunged England into a strict dictatorship to Milton's disillusionment. Milton once again took up the pen to denounce Cromwell and, before long, overwork led to the poet's, total blindness. His personal star continued in descent when Charles II, after his restoration, had the poet imprisoned as a traitor. Despite these overwhelming setbacks, Milton lived to write the immortal "Paradise Lost."moreless
  • Amahl and the Night Visitors
    Gian Carlo Menotti's beautiful Christmas opera tells of a little shepherd boy's wondrous encounter with the three Kings of Orient.
  • Aesop and Rhodope
    Aesop and Rhodope
    Episode 11
    A love story of two Greek slaves is dramatized. The drama relates how Rhodope, slave to a cruel Greek family, rejected her impending freedom from bondage, in exchange for Aesop's release, since in him she recognized a rare human being whose insight and learning could help the world. A free man, Aesop became advisor at the courts of Kings and Emperors, but he sought always for a reunion with his beloved Rhodope, who sacrificed so much for his personal cause.moreless
  • The Last Voyage
    The Last Voyage
    Episode 10
    The story of Benjamin Franklin's famous trip to Paris during the Revolutionary War and its importance for the American cause is told. In Paris Franklin meets the beautiful Mme. Brillon who helps him establish important acquaintances. But he faced opposition from his fellow American hot-tempered Arthur Lee, and had to use the utmost patience and tact to resolve a most dangerous situation.moreless
  • The Courtship of Miles Standish
    The struggles of the early Pilgrims at Plymouth rock is dramatized. Beset by illness, food shortage and Indian marauders, the colonists relied almost on courage alone in the realization of a haven that promised them freedom they had long sought.
  • The Death of Gant
    The Death of Gant
    Episode 8
    The story takes place during the hours just before Gant's demise. The remarkable man and his family are the long suffering wife who finds joy in hearing a compliment about her cooking; Gant's daughter who wants freedom from her father's overwhelming personality and young Eugene Gant who seeks the true meaning of the father-son relationship.moreless
  • The Lonely Path
    The Lonely Path
    Episode 7
    The story of the first presidential candidate of a major party to run on a platform opposing slavery, John Charles Fremont was known as The Pathfinder. Starting out early in his life as an explorer of the West, he was instrumental in keeping California as part of the U.S. during the Mexican-American War.moreless
  • The Imaginary Invalid
    The story of Argan, a hypocondriac miser who lives by his doctor's instructions. He wishes his daughter to marry a doctor in order to get free medical care. His brother Beralde comes up with an idea to help Argan find out who is really loyal to him and is concerned for his well-being.moreless
  • Never Kick a Man Upstairs
    The story of Teddy Roosevelt's career from the time he was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy to his accession to the Presidency by virtue of McKinley's assassination. With sharp conciseness, the politicking of Boss Platt was sketched rapidly but fully a Platt engineered Roosevelt nomination to the vice presidency to get Teddy out of Boss Platt's hair in New York State. The final irony of course, was that as a result of McKinley's assassination, Teddy went on to become one of the country's outstanding presidents, much to the chagrin of Boss Platt and company.moreless
  • McCoy of Abilene
    McCoy of Abilene
    Episode 4
    The story of Joe McCoy whose vision almost single-handedly built the great stockyards of the Midwest. Joe McCoy bought the townsite of Abilene, Kansas and developed it to the point where cattle could be shipped by rail to the East. He overcame enormous obstacles set up by skeptics before his plan could succeed.moreless
  • A Queen's Way
    A Queen's Way
    Episode 3
    The story of Catherine Parr who became the final wife of Henry the VIII and was one of the most-married English Queen's with four husbands. After Henry's death in 1546, Catherine married her true love Lord Seymour of Sudeley and became pregnant for the first time. She passed away 6 days after the birth of her only child, daughter Mary Seymour.moreless
  • Of Time and the River
    In the hours before Will Gant's demise, he and his family are etched in bold relief, his long-suffering wife who finds joy in hearing a compliment regarding her cooking; Gant's daughter, who seeks freedom from her father's overwhelming personality; young Eugene Gant, who tried to find the true meaning of a father-son relationship now finds fulfillment in writing. The old man himself, laughing in the face of death, towers above all in what life has dealt him.moreless
  • A Smile For Danger
    A Smile For Danger
    Episode 1
    The tragic story of Christina, a British spy during World War II who was in fact a Polish countess who risked her life for her adopted country, England. Christina was found in London's south end in 1948 brutally murdered.