Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 36

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Pack of Lies
    Pack of Lies
    Episode 3
    Adaptation of the stage play by Hugh Whitemore. A middle-class homemaker becomes involved in a 1961 espionage investigation in her suburban London backyard. Straightforward yet reserved Barbara, sharing a quiet life with her loving husband and their teen-age daughter, is visited out of the blue by an intelligence agent who cites national security and sets up shop in the couple's bedroom to watch for a "suspicious character" seen in the vicinity. But the agent is really after the family's neighbors, one of whom is Barbara's very dear friend. As the intrigue intensifies, Barbara undergoes a crisis of conscience that tests her loyalties, her confidences, and her sense of ethics.moreless
  • Room Upstairs
    Room Upstairs
    Episode 2
    Adaptation of the novel by Norma Levinson. After the death of her parents, Leah Lazenby, a Boston teacher of learning-impaired young people, seeks to supplement her modest income by turning the family homestead into a boarding house. She makes the parlor her living quarters and rents rooms to six tenants, who include a gentle classical cellist. Although Leah has "a way with the wayward" in her work, at home she's strictly a loner. Gradually, however, professional and personal crises draw her out of her shell and awaken her to the lives of her boarders.moreless
  • Promise
    Episode 1
    Feckless bachelor Bob, who promised his mother that at her death he would care for his schizophrenic younger brother D.J., becomes apprehensive when the time comes. Facing up to his responsibility, Bob tries his best, but his set ways and D.J.'s erratic behavior mix like oil and vinegar. Giving his promise one last shot, Bob takes D.J. on a fishing trip to the secluded lake where they vacationed as children. Here, the rush of memories transforms both men.moreless