Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 39

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Caroline?
    Episode 3
    Adaptation of the novel Father's Arcane Daughter by E.L. Konigsburg. Fourteen years after being presumed dead in a plane crash, a woman reappears—just in time to claim a sizable inheritance from her grandmother. Set in the 1950s, the story centers around Paul Carmichael and his second wife Grace, who have a somewhat peripheral relationship with their two children, 12-year-old Winston and his 10-year-old sister. Enter Caroline—or a woman claiming to be Paul's "late" daughter from his first marriage. Paul accepts her story that she never boarded the plane, and used the crash to escape her shallow debutante life. But Grace is more than skeptical, and the headmistress of Caroline's finishing school is quite sure that "Caroline" is a fraud.moreless
  • Face to Face
    Face to Face
    Episode 2
    A female American paleontologist and a British miner, mistakenly issued permits for the same Kenya digging site, almost come to blows. But when they unite to help a Masai warrior fight exile from his tribe, they become drawn to each other.
  • The Shell Seekers
    The Shell Seekers
    Episode 1
    A troubled British widow searches for a meaning to her life. 63-year-old Penelope Keeling, daughter of an artist, lives alone and fairly comfortably in England's Cotswold countryside. But at the outset of the film, Penelope suffers a heart attack. That brush with death moves her to reflect on her often embattled relationships with her three adult children, whose own quests for happiness have not been especially fulfilling. Confused and insecure, Penelope embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery, frequently reflecting back on the memorable years that shaped her character during World War II.moreless