Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 46

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Rose Hill
    Rose Hill
    Episode 4
    Adaptation of the novel "For the Roses" by Julie Garwood. A group of New York orphans adopt an abandoned baby and go West, where their charge grows up to be a headstrong young woman with a restless spirit.
  • Old Man
    Old Man
    Episode 3
    Adaptation of the short story by William Faulkner. When the flooded Mississippi River leaves a pregnant woman stranded, a gentle, taciturn convict is called upon to aid in the rescue effort. The inmate braves countless obstacles as the two travel down the "Old Man," driven to fulfill his orders to get her back home—and his promise to return to prison.moreless
  • The Summer of Ben Tyler
    Drama set in a small town in the Deep South in 1942. Temple Rayburn, a respected but financially struggling attorney, is approached to run for state senate, but must choose between his political aspirations and his sense of dignity when the town wants him to put Ben Tyler, the mildly retarded son of his late housekeeper, out of his home because the boy is black.moreless
  • Calm at Sunset
    Calm at Sunset
    Episode 1
    Based on the novel "Calm at Sunset, Calm at Dawn" by Paul Watkins: James Pfeiffer disappoints his parents when he drops out of college to pursue his dream of becoming a fisherman, following in the footsteps of his dad and grandfather. James gets his chance when he saves the life of a seaman and the pair decide to become partners. But it's hardly smooth sailing; James must weather a tragedy, deal with a shocking secret about his father, and make a decision that might compromise his values.moreless