Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 47

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Echo of Thunder
    An adaptation of the novel Thunderwith by Libby Hathorn: Gladwyn and Larry Ritchie lead a hard life raising palm trees on a farm in the Australian outback. They struggle daily with the elements—and the bank—to keep a roof over their heads and to feed their three children. Despite the hardships, they are a close-knit, happy family until one day when an unsettling letter arrives. Larry's first wife has died and his daughter Lara, 15, is coming from the city to live with the Ritchies. Gladwyn resists the idea of Lara joining the family. She fears this city girl may have a negative influence on her three children. Even more importantly, she worries that Lara's presence may rekindle memories in her husband's mind of his first wife and former life. When Lara arrives, she senses that she isn't welcome in the Ritchie home. As she tries to find a place in this new family, she finds comfort in the company of the stray Dingo dog which she names Thunderwith.moreless
  • The Love Letter
    The Love Letter
    Episode 3
    Adaptation of the science fiction short story by Jack Finney: Scotty Corrigan, an engaged thirty-something, purchases an antique desk and finds a letter written in 1863 by its original owner, Elizabeth Whitcomb. Intrigued by her wish for "a love that burns like fire and moonlight," Scotty playfully "answers" the letter—and is astonished to receive a reply. The extraordinary correspondence continues, and Scotty starts to question his commitment to his fiancée. Then he discovers it's not too late to alter the course of Elizabeth's life, as well as his own.moreless
  • Ellen Foster
    Ellen Foster
    Episode 2
    Adaptation of the novel by Kaye Gibbons Ten-year-old Ellen's existence with her alcoholic father is bearable only because of the love of her gentle mother. When her mother dies, Ellen finds herself shuffled among cruel and selfish relatives, including her venomous grandmother. Through it all, though, Ellen remains resilient, drawing strength from a few friendships and a boundless supply of hope.moreless
  • What the Deaf Man Heard
    A boy en route to a quiet Georgia town with his mother is taken in by two employees of the local bus depot after his mother disappears. He grows up in the community pretending to be deaf and mute, using silence as a survival technique. Twenty years later, however, the silence provides a tool to possibly foil a childhood tormentor.moreless