Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 48

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Durango
    Episode 4
    An adaptation of the novel by John B. Keane: In 1939 Ireland, a young man decides to lead a 40-mile cattle drive rather than sell his cattle to an unscrupulous local buyer.
  • Night Ride Home
    Night Ride Home
    Episode 3
    An adaptation of the novel by Barbara Esstman: Nora Mahler has a strong bond with her son Simon, but is not as close to her daughter or husband Neal. When Simon is killed in a riding accident, the family is torn apart. A grief-stricken Nora is initially hospitalized, but her mother brings her home to face her emotions and failing marriage. Neal, on the other hand, acts in the belief that the family needs a fresh start.moreless
  • Grace & Glorie
    Grace & Glorie
    Episode 2
    Adaptation of the stage play by Tom Ziegler. Down-to-earth widow Grace reluctantly agrees to share her country home with a hospice caregiver, a sophisticated ex-New Yorker whom Grace calls Glorie. Initially the relationship between the two women is strained, but as the drama unfolds, Grace and Glorie share reminiscences and regrets that bond them into a friendship based on mutual comforting and respect.moreless
  • Saint Maybe
    Saint Maybe
    Episode 1
    An adaptation of the novel by Anne Tyler: A family saga centering on the Bedloe family, newlyweds Danny and Lucy, and Danny's teenage brother Ian. Ian, plagued with doubts about Lucy's character, confronts Danny, which triggers a series of tragedies and an effort by Ian to seek redemption.