Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 5

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Cradle Song
    The Cradle Song
    Episode 7
    In a Spanish monastery, a baby left on the doorstep is raised by the strict head mother and the young nuns. At age 18, she is to be married and will leave the convent.
  • The Taming of the Shrew
    Baptista is enthusiastic about Petruchio's suit because the feisty Katherina is a burden to him and is continually quarrelling with her sister and with him. Petruchio will not be put off as he woos Kate and he fixes their wedding day. At the church, where Kate unwillingly awaits him, Petruchio arrives in an absurd outfit and after the ceremony he leaves for Verona immediately, with his new wife.moreless
  • The Good Fairy
    The Good Fairy
    Episode 5
    A young winsome woman whose head is filled with kind ideas, comes to think of herself a§ a kind of good fairy, who brings people luck and docs things to make them happy. If a young couple shows up for example, she tries-to find a place for the two in the balcony. One day the wealthy Mr. Konrad enters her life. At first she resists his invitations to dine out, but finally accepts, convinced she must make him happy.moreless
  • The Corn is Green
    The Corn is Green
    Episode 4
    Adaptation of the play by Emlyn Williams. A strong-willed teacher, determined to educate the poor and illiterate youth of an impoverished Welsh village, discovers one student whom she believes to have the seeds of genius.
  • Dream Girl
    Dream Girl
    Episode 3
    A tour-de-force about a young woman who is a newspaper book reviewer who doesn't read the books and escapes from her dull life into daydreams of a Prince Charming coming to carry her away in one fantasy, a new mother of twins in another, a wanton on the loose in Mexico, a prostitute, an actress and a bride.moreless
  • The Devil's Disciple
    An Americanization of the play by George Bernard Shaw: Dick Dudgeon is the local scapegrace in the New Hampshire community of Yankees where he lives. Even his own mother becomes fed up with the way he flouts the cardinal rules of good sense, good manners and good religion, and throws him out of the house. Judith, Parson Anderson's pretty wife, also has a low opinion of Dick. But Shaw proves Dick's heart is in the right place for he's kind to a poor, belabored servant girl, and, it being the time of the American Revolution, he shortly becomes a Yankee hero.moreless
  • Alice in Wonderland
    Adaptation of the stage version devised by Le Gallienne and Friebus of the children's classic by Lewis Carroll.