Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 51

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Little John
    Little John
    Episode 4
    As a family court judge, Natalie Britain hears evidence, searches for the truth, and makes life-altering decisions affecting hundreds of children and their families. But Natalie Britain has her own secret involving her own child that has haunted her every day for 12 years. The then-unmarried Natalie thought the child she gave birth to was put up for adoption. He wasn't. Little John ("L.J." for short) was lovingly raised on a Texas farm by Natalie's estranged father, John. Now, with John in failing health, L.J. suddenly enters Natalie's well-ordered life. Forced to reassess all her accomplishments of the past 12 years, Natalie must now confront the secrets that have been hidden behind the glittering surface of her life.moreless
  • My Sister's Keeper
    My Sister's Keeper
    Episode 3
    The poignant real-life story of two sisters, Christine and Judy, and their journey of discovery and understanding. Christine, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, yearns for independence and fulfillment of an ordinary life, but must rely on others for support. When Judy suddenly becomes responsible for her sister's care, her quiet world is turned upside down. As the two sisters struggle to find common ground, they forge a strong, loving relationship and accept one another.moreless
  • The Seventh Stream
    The Seventh Stream
    Episode 2
    An Irish fisherman mourning his dead wife falls in love with a woman who turns out to be a silkie, a supernatural being who is a woman on land and a seal in the ocean.
  • In Love and War
    In Love and War
    Episode 1
    Adaptation of the book "Love and War in the Apennines" by Eric Newby. During World War II, a wounded British soldier who has escaped from a POW camp in Italy must try to make his way back to the Allied forces; he meets a young Italian girl who translates for him.moreless