Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 6

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Yeoman of the Guard
    The story of a young colonel who is imprisoned for sorcery through the machinations of a conninving relative who hopes to inherit the colonel's estate.
  • There Shall Be No Night
    A Hungarian family finds itself suddenly and quite unexpectedly involved in an enemy invasion of their home country. Dr. and Mrs. Karely Valkay are not oblivious to the growing tensions in their country, but they feel that their calm, peaceful existence is beyond the read of political strife and problems. The sudden tragedy of war comes into startling focus when young Erik Valkay announces his decision to join his country's fight for freedom and war assumes a shadowy reality in the Valkay home.moreless
  • The Lark
    The Lark
    Episode 4
    Heresy and sorcery are the charges against a young French girl; she faces an inquisitiorial court headed by an influential bishop. As the trial proceeds, the girl tells of St. Michael's visit and how mysterious "Voices" urged her to lead the French Army for the Dauphin, Charles VII.
  • The Little Foxes
    The Little Foxes
    Episode 3
    Regina Giddens is a domineering, powerful, wicked woman controls the people she knows with an iron fist. Birdie a sensitive woman reared in the tradition of the Old South secretly turns to alcohol as a solace when she cannot face the disillusionment of her domestic life.
  • Man and Superman
    Man and Superman
    Episode 2
    The philosophic plight of Jack Tanner a dashing representation of all men who succumb to marriage against their better judgment is told as the confirmed bachelor falls for the feminine wiles of his guardinship.
  • Born Yesterday
    Born Yesterday
    Episode 1
    A junk dealer who has made a pile of money from surplus scrap metal, hires a tutor to teach his lady friend culture and class.