Hallmark Hall Of Fame - Season 9

Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Captain Brassbound's Conversion
    Lady Cicely upsurps old Brassbound's vessel with vengeance and turns the whip-lashing bully into a blubbering and dependent clinging vine.
  • The Cradle Song
    The Cradle Song
    Episode 5
    The convent life of a child left abandoned with the cloistered Dominican nuns as she becomes a young woman who seeks to find her own path in life and marry.
  • The Tempest
    The Tempest
    Episode 4
    The story of the exiled Duke of Milan and his daughter who live on an enchanted island. Other inhabitants of the island are the savage and deformed Caliban and a sprite named Ariel who had been freed from imprisonment in a tree. One day the duke sees a ship at sea and calls up a tempest to wreck it and brings the survivors ashore to find they are relatives. He decides to get revenge on his brother who helped the King of Naples usurp the duke's throne.moreless
  • A Christmas Festival/The Ice Princess
    Four Christmas-themed segements: an ice-sakting version of the ballet "The Ice Princess"; a performance of Christmas songs by the Obernkirchen Chidlren's Choir; an adaptation of Ludwig Bemelmans' "The Borrowed Christmas," about a wealthy man given one last chance to redeem himself; and a Nativity reading by actress Judith Anderson.
  • A Doll's House
    A Doll's House
    Episode 2
    Torvald Helmer treats his wife Nora like a child. He does not know that his "helpless and fragile" wife saved his life some years earlier by borrowing money when he was critically ill. Now, on Christmas Eve, the man who lent the money re-enters Nora's life and intends to exploit his knowledge of her past.moreless
  • Winterset
    Episode 1
    A man's struggle in his search for revenge after being shunned by society because his father was executed as a murderer. Convinced of his father's innocence Mio is impelled to devote his life to clearing his father's name and tracking down the real killers.