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Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Dec 01, 1951 In Season




  • Season 18 Episode 2: Pinocchio

  • Noone was fitted with a fake nose that initially was problematic for the production staff. Richard Lewine, the show's producer, described the problem to TV Guide:
    "Since we didn't want to cheat the audience out of seeing it grow, we hired Bil Baird to create one. Bil stood behind Pinocchio, out of camera range, holding the end of a rod that attached to the nose. When he pushed the rod, the nose, made from expandable material, lengthened. It worked beautifully," Lewine said.

    "But when we went on camera, we discovered that you could see the separation between the fake nose and Peter's real one. Two hours of work with the make-up man solved the problem, but it was worrisome," he said.

  • From TV Guide, Color set owners will be particularly impressed with the Land of the Runaways, where everything is black and white. The one spot of color is Pinocchio's red and blue outfit.