Halloween Wars

Food Network Premiered Oct 01, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • who says war isn't a good thing?

    bravo to the food network for bringing Halloween Wars back for a third season! this is food network at its best--keeping the competition focused completely on food, without all the cutesy crap that has lately been cluttering up their shows. this competition brings people who are truly at the top of their craft and giving them free reign to show off their amazing talent without deliberately sabotaging them with stupid twists; like Sugar Dome, or;the contestants must now move their work to the judging table. like Food Network Challenge. this terrific show is all about real professionals dazzling us with their art and even after two seasons I'm still amazed and enthralled by their skill. thanks, too, for providing judges who are focused on the masterpiece creations and, while entertaining, are fair, realistic, and professional, unlike that stupid, impossibly unrealistic, perfectionistic, sour b**ch Kerry Vincent. thank you food network for embracing the true creepy Halloween spirit. oh, yeah, how about a Yuletide Wars? you'd have my vote!