Halt and Catch Fire

Sunday 10:00 PM on AMC Premiered Jun 01, 2014 Returning May 31st, 2015


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AIRED ON 8/3/2014

Season 1 : Episode 10

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The show is all about the early 80's dominating computers. and the struggle to develop a clone to IBM XT PC.


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  • great until the last episode


    I enjoyed this series right up until the last episode. Working in tech industry myself I find the journey that the main characters underwent was fairly accurate (if dramatized for tv) but the the overly emotional take on personalities is a bit too much it borders on unrealistic. After all the team went through to develop their dream everybody goes all emo? I get that the writers want to show depth in the characters but they went a bit far with the BS on the last episode. I like the show and the story it's trying to tell but tone down the unnecessary drama just a little please, save the emo for day time soapsmoreless
  • Awesome! even for the computer illiterate

    Don't be put off by any ideas that only 40-50 year old IT nerds will appreciate this.

    TV shows (and movies) are foremost about people, the situations they are put in, and pressures they are put under. So just forget the setting and enjoy the characters and their interactions.

    THAT SAID, I love the setting and everything else about this show!!!

    Makes me feel very inadequate as a modern coder. I am not "close to the metal".

    I particularly enjoyed the programmer - salesman dynamics, as it rang very true and took me back a few years.moreless
  • Tell everyone! AMC has another winner

    It's a wonderful production with compelling characters and story lines. If you're like me you won't necessarily like all the characters, but you will understand the motivations and accept that what happens in the show is totally believable.

    This season is nearly over, I will miss it when it's gone and I hope it returns to continue the story.

    It does what I like best in a show, it engages me and makes me care. Awesome.moreless
  • Another winner for AMC

    AMC is doing something right because they're cranking out some fine TV shows. Halt... is an excellent show with well rounded characters, intriguing storylines and compelling subject matter. I'm reliving my own history with computers and enjoying the opportunity to rediscover those early days when having a whole MB of RAM was a big deal. Tell your friends and family to Halt and Catch Fire. They won't be disappointed!

  • Shocker!

    well I was avoiding this show as I thought it would be boring. I just watched the first 2 episodes and now I know how wrong I was! hope it lasts.
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