A Halt and Catch Fire Community
Sunday 10:00 PM on AMC (Returning May 31st, 2015)

Yesterday I saw that AMC's Halt and Catch Fire pilot appeared on the AMC website as a sneak peak (the whole episode). I couldn't resist the temptation and "BOOTED" it right up. After watching I decided to poll your thoughts and if you comment please *NO SPOILERS*.

**Also since I showed a little love on this community could you be so kind as to show yours by hitting that cute little blue/gray heart button? Thanks! **


I enjoyed what I have seen so far and just trying to drum up some buzz and a little discussion. Oh and Grumpyclown provided some great questions to enhance this:

- What did you think of the characters?

- Was there a lot of technobabble?

- Will you be sticking with it?

- Any weak points you'd like to see improved?

I'll give my answers in the comments below so you can too! Again please *NO SPOILERS* in the comments. :)

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