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more ones and zeros
Aug 20, 2014
AMC Renews Halt and Catch Fire for Season 2
Where do you think the story should go next?
Aug 07, 2014
Halt and Catch Fire: Some Techsplanations and Background for Episode 10, "1984"
I suppose a number of us were wondering if/when something would catch fire this season, and if it would be metaphorical or actual. Well, besides the obvious answer, there were a whole lot of new tech terms this episode, and from a new area of computing as well.
ones and zeros
Aug 04, 2014
Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 Finale Review: Not With a Bang...
Are you crossing your fingers for a Season 2 renewal, or was one flashback to 1983 plenty?
new bffs
Aug 01, 2014
The 11 Best New TV Characters of the Summer (and Late Spring)
Our new favorite TV friends include a demon-possessed wackjob, and exiled Mennonite, a fraud of a science teacher, a bunch of programming nerds, and more.
Jul 30, 2014
Halt and Catch Fire: Some Techsplanations and Background for Episode 9, "Up Helly Aa"
This week our rogue Team Giant heads to the Fall 1983 COMDEX in Las Vegas, Nevada to make their fortunes. What could possibly go wrong?
Jul 30, 2014
Halt and Catch Fire: "Up Helly Aa": Discussion

I’m not sure where to begin to on this one. “Up Helly Aa” was supposed to be a grand party and a celebration of success. It was (sort of), but it wasn’t without major hurdles, disappointment and as usual, sacrifice. I will admit I wanted Joe and the gang to go to Comdex and have the super happy ending. They sell the Giant, make money and the team’s mark in their world is solidified. However that was more was a season finale outcome rather than a penultimate episode. As I was watching I kept wondering what was going to happen, what drama could they create (besides The Giant not working) and how to strain the character relationships more because everything seemed like it could be wrapped up in a 15lbs portable computer. The first half was exciting and fun the second half is where it all crashed ...

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Jul 24, 2014
Halt and Catch Fire: Some Techsplanations and Background for Episode 8, "The 214s"
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COMDEX Preparations

As the episode begins, Joe and Gordon plan for 1983 Fall COMDEX in Las Vegas. The dates of November 27 to December 2 are mentioned, which match the real-world dates. Joe says he needs $18,000 ($43,000 in 2014 US Dollars), and Bosworth hastily writes a check, exchanging nervous glances with Cameron, while Cardiff's phone lines are plagued by mysterious clicks.

Joe secures booth C-23 which he says is next to Commodore and Tandy. These are established and successful computer companies (though not PC compatibles), ensuring lots of traffic around the Cardiff Electric booth.
  • Commodore was the maker of the C64 and VIC-20 home computers, major competitors to Texas Instruments' TI 99/4A home computer.
  • Tandy was the owner of Radio Shack, the maker of the TRS-80 brand computers. Radio Shack sold TRS-80s for both home users and businesses.

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Jul 22, 2014
Halt and Catch Fire: "The 214s" Discussion: Time to "BE CRAZY" and a ROAD TRIP!!!!
In the last episode of HaCF Gordon literally dug himself in a hole, Cameron was seeking answers about her relationship with Joe, Joe was starting to show his feelings for Cameron and Cardiff Electric was running out of money to fund “THE GIANT”. All of characters seemed to be at an interesting point and where they were heading was hopefully going to be explained in this episode. “The 214s” not only showed how Joe and gang were progressing with themselves but also the lengths they would go to succeed. Secrets that were kept were revealed, decisions on relationships were made and there was a sacrifice for the sake of the project. This episode was my favorite so far and I feel like the fire is finally catching on. Let's hop into the Family Truckster and chat!

Good Ol’ Bosworth had a very bad day. He was arrested. He was ...Read more
Jul 16, 2014
Halt and Catch Fire: Techsplanations and Background for Episode 7, "Giant"
Some old and new technical terms this week at a QA meeting for the revised hardware design and a case design meeting. Plus some details about Donna's employer's beleaguered home computer.
Jul 15, 2014
Halt and Catch Fire: "Giant" Discussion

After ten days of absolutely NO TV and an epic vacation (like National Lampoon crazy) I have returned. Thank you to @ArkhamNative for his posts and be on the lookout a Techsplantion of this episode. When I got home, waiting for me when I got home was almost 2 episodes every show I watch. Good thing it’s not the main TV Season otherwise you guys probably wouldn’t hear from me for at least another month! Trust me, I haven’t caught up all the way but I’ve made a dent and I’m ready for some discussion. “Giant” was a great episode. There were drunken stories, some truths about the past and a whole bunch of awkwardness. So let’s hop in our DeLorean, take off to 88mph and discuss.

Cardiff is going under but Bosworth is keeping it on the down low. Not only is that ...

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