Halt and Catch Fire

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2014 on AMC
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After surviving a visit from IBM, Joe's team must overcome internal differences as they begin building the new machine.
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  • FUD (Spoilers Ahead)

    Halt and Catch Fire gave a less than stellar follow up to their initial episode but still managed to up the stakes of the series to a level I hope they continue to up. Picking up right where the pilot left off we see George, Cameron, and Joe being interviewed by IBM's legal team. With their stories all corroborating one another the legal team is forced to leave without being able to get a suit out of the interviews. While Joe sees this as a victory Cardiff is anything but enthusiastic as they now have to play everything by the book. Meaning Cameron and George can't even so much as be in the same room together and Cardiff's lawyer has to be in the room with Cameron when she is writing the BIOS code for their system. Cameron seems to know her expandability and rebels against her new place of employment once she is finished writing the code for them. Her and Joe continue their flirtation and she and George both realize how full of hot air he really is when he pretends that everything is going "according to An interesting twist factors into the drama as to who Joe really is when one of IBM's top lawyers visits Joe with a final paycheck he never got from his stint at IBM. Wondering where he'd been for over a year he offers Joe a first class ticket "home" and says that Joe's "father hopes you'll come Meaning Joe's father is the head of IBM? Joe is a fascinating character and is shrouded in a veil of mystery that I hope to see unravel slowly to see the man who turns up speakers in stereo stores for no good reason other than to ponder why businesses go under. His plan is sound though in theory to make the computers twice as fast and half the price. An extraneous part of the episode comes when George keeps the fact that Cameron's a woman from his wife and she finds out for herself that Cameron is a female while visiting the office with their daughter. There is some sexual tension there but it feels completely contrived since George hasn't been established as a lecher of any sort and he seems to love his wife. The conflict that really zings is Joe and Cameron going head to head. I was impressed at the writers having IBM underbid all of Cardiff's contracts and essentially putting them out of business (having only enough income to run for two months on the prayer that Joe's plan gets them somewhere financially). Joe really has to face the consequences as costing a company money to make a fraudulent project is one thing but when you take away other people's jobs that's when you cross a big line. The scene that was the highlight of the episode was a drunken Joe getting his shirt torn by George in the parking lot and seeing all those scars on Joe's torso and how tells some convoluted story of how kids chased him off a roof when he was a kid because he was interested in Sputnik (although the story is torn to shreds when Cameron says that the year Joe said it was that he fell from the roof was a year or so after Sputnik had fallen from the sky). The show still does have some growing pains but the style, the storytelling, and the characters are all interesting enough to get me to continue watching even if it shoehorns in a lot of unnecessary conflict. With people's livelihood now on the line Joe, George, and Cameron have two months in an empty office to get things off the ground in a major way or else they will have started a revolution for nothing. This also makes me question the longevity of the show because surely the two month window has to be done by season's end and if that's the end of the personal computer revolution then is that the end of the series? What happens if it gets renewed? I'm just curious what the continued life of this show is as I'd like to see it on the air beyond its initial ten episodes if it can continue to deliver in the way it has been so far.moreless

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