Hamish Macbeth

Season 2 Episode 4

Radio Lochdubh

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 1996 on BBC

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  • If you don't want to know a very key point in this series, skip reading this review, I'm going to give it away!

    The summary of the plot listed here is so minor compared to what happens in this episode it seems rediculous after having just seen the episode.

    I think either these are the same writers for Ballykisangel and Monarch of the Glen or today's writers do not have any creative thoughts or are convinced the only way to solve a problem in plot is to kill off one of the major characters involved in the plot! When Hamish finds himself in a love triangle, he tries
    to get out of the predicument by making a decision. Then when he does that someone dies, and he and the other member of the triangle are left to feel guilty
    and probably would find it very hard to get together.

    I'm writing this right after the episode and before the next one, so I can't say what happens after, but
    I tend to wonder if they can really bandage that up.

    When they did similar in Ballykisangel and in Monarch
    of the Glen in my opinion it ruined the show, and it's
    rather interesting how the shows both kind of fell off
    after, yet here we are with yet a third show doing almost the exact same thing. The town is interesting enough, and the people interesting enough and the land inspirational enough, that this was not needed. Good writers could have moved beyond it and showing common life problems and
    their solutions could have worked out fine. Not everyone who's relation ship breaks down dies. A few
    live on and learn to live with the loss of the relationship and maybe even eventually move on, and God forbid maybe they could even become mutual friends. Ok that's a bit far fetched, though it would make some good inspiration. Even if not realistic, these death scenes aren't really all that real either. I sure hope they did some creative writing after this
    show to make a more interesting show. I guess I'll have to see. I really have loved this series up till this episode.