Hamish Macbeth

BBC (ended 1997)





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  • Too bad Lochdubh doesn't really exist. I'd move there before I could finish writing this review. Interesting town where everyone is a character and all pull together to help out their neighbor.

    Hamish MacBeth is another in a long line of superb British comedies.

    I started watching because of Robert Carlysle and his skills. He has a genuine way of expressing emotion without chewing the scenery. His Hamish is a 'real' person with wants and desires. He feels a dedication to duty and his village, he feels guilt - even when he's not guilty. Hamish's feelings run deep and he is slightly self-destructive (see aforementioned guilt). His need to punish himself is always overruled by his need to protect others.

    TV John is another wonderful character. His devotion to the village and to Hamish isn't sweet and cloying but rather, heartfelt and funnier than hell.

    I could go on and on about every character but I won't. Trust me, buy this series on DVD or find it in reruns on BBC America.