Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense

ITV (ended 1986)


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Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense

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Welcome to the Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense guide at TV.com. This was Hammer Studios' fifth attempt at a TV series, and it is over-shadowed by the better-known Hammer House of Horror. In the US, it was also called Fox Mystery Theater. While Hammer House of Horror was all horror, this show was more of a mixed bag. It had gothic horrors (such as 'And the Wall Came Tumbling Down' and 'In Possession'), but also science fiction ('Child's Play'), spy thrillers ('Czech Mate') and other genres. As Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense was co-produced with 20th Century Fox, it needed to use American leads in every episode. The Hammer name provided top directors like Val Guest, John Hough, Peter Sasdy and Alan Cooke. The show was produced by Roy Skeggs and Brian Lawrence, who took over the operations at Hammer Studios in 1979. All episodes are now available on DVD.