Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense

ITV (ended 1986)


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  • Season 1
    • Tennis Court
      Tennis Court
      Episode 13
      When the Dowds inherit a house and estate, they soon find that their indoor tennis court is haunted - it is the focus of the energies of those who died in the neighbourhood during the second world war. Maggie and Harry soon find themselves forced to play tennis - and to keep on playing.moreless
    • Child's Play
      Child's Play
      Episode 12
      A family wakes up one morning and discovers that they are trapped in their home by a mysterious and unbreakable brick wall, and their water and telephone have been cut off. An intense heat comes over the house as well. The TV reception has been replaced by some sort of emergency signal for which the symbol is a lightning bolt (which is also the symbol on all their clothes and food products as well as their car). They begin losing feeling in their bodies and losing their memories as well. Soon enough, they cannot remember any life at all outside the house. All this time, a green blob has been forming in another room, slowly stalking the family.moreless
    • And the Wall Came Tumbling Down
      As a seventeenth-century church is being torn down to make way for the new NATO headquarters building, a demolition worker is mysteriously strangled by the power cord of his jack-hammer as he tries to drill into one of the church's walls. After a brief flashback, we learn that the leader of a Devil-worshipping cult gave orders for himself and a traitor to the cult to be walled up behind that very wall of the church. Back to the present, a woman from a group of preservationists wants to stop the destruction of the church because she claims there are strong supernatural forces within which should not be unleashed. But she is not heeded, and the bizarre murders inside the church continue, as a diabolical evil which has been trapped in the church for three hundred years seeks its revenge. Solid, but a slow moving episode.moreless
    • The Corvini Inheritance
      Frank Lane is obsessed with surveillance - it is his hobby as well as what he does for a living. Then a stalker strikes a neighbor in his apartment building, and Frank decides to volunteer his services . But when his CCTV equipment captures the stalker on video, as his neighbour's apartment in broken into again, he is shocked to discover the identity of the mystery man - it's Frank Lane himself. So what is going on?moreless
    • Paint Me A Murder
      After the death of the little-known painter Luke Lorenz, his widow Sandra begins releasing his unknown pictures, which are soon much in demand. Luckily, Sandra has an almost endless supply of Luke's work for her good friend, the dealer Vincent Rhodes, to sell, making both of them a lot of money. Everything is going swimmingly until something happens to upset the gravy-train - the hand of fate from beyond the grave. So is Luke really dead? And if he is, how did he die? And who exactly is the painter of the pictures which Vincent has been flooding onto the market?moreless
    • The Sweet Scent of Death
      American diplomat Greg Denver arrives in England as the new U.S. ambassador to London, and to avoid spending the whole time at the embassy he rents a beautiful country house for his wife, Ann. But while Greg is away in London, unknown intruders terrorize his wife, and Ann soon realizes that they may have more of a motive then sheer random terror. Is this even a case of 'friendly fire'?moreless
    • Black Carrion
      Black Carrion
      Episode 7
      Paul Chater is a freelance journalist trying to track down a famous but reclusive pop duo of the 1960s, brothers Ray and Ron Verne. Paul and his girlfriend Cora Berlaine track them down to an isolated manor house in the country, where they find the Verne Brothers leading a macabre life, caught in a time warp. But who is hunting whom?moreless
    • In Possession
      In Possession
      Episode 6
      Frank and Sylvia Daly are planning to move overseas, and they celebrate with a few drinks before they move out of their apartment - but they quickly sober up as the night grows into a terrifying ordeal. The Dalys' apartment is haunted by the ghosts of a man and his older wife, and the man kills the woman over and over again. As the murder is relived through the night, something does not want to let the Dalys go. This episode has a great surprise ending!moreless
    • The Late Nancy Irving
      After a car accident, Nancy Irving wakes up in hospital, where she is supposedly being treated, but it is soon clear that her condition is in fact getting worse. Nancy gets ever weaker, and it seems to her that she is not a patient at all, but something quite different. In fact, her blood is being taken by the hospital for a rich man to extend his life. As she begins to suspect the truth, Nancy has to work out what to do about it.moreless
    • A Distant Scream
      A Distant Scream
      Episode 4
      Harris has been in prison for many years, serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife. But he is completely innocent, and also seriously ill. Near to death, and in despair, Harris manages to will himself back through time to track down the real killer - and to level the score.moreless
    • Czech Mate
      Czech Mate
      Episode 3
      Against her better judgement, Vicky Duncan's former husband, John, persuades her to go on holiday with him to Prague. He says he wants to build bridges with Vicky and make up for the past. But John is up to some erious mischief, not romance, and Vicky has been targeted for identity-theft as part of a bizarre game of espionage.moreless
    • Last Video and Testament
      Selena Frankham and her lover Derek Tucker plan to kill Selena's husband Victor - an eccentric millionnaire with an passion for electronic gadgets. But death is not what it used to be, and Victor manages to spring a surprise from beyond the grave.
    • Mark of the Devil
      Frank Rowlett is engaged to Sara Helston, who is much richer than he is. And Frank is being threatened by violent debt-collectors, so to escape them he kills a Chinese drug dealer and tattooist and steals his money. Unfortunately, during the murder of the tattooist his needle pricks Frank, and a living, growing tattoo begins to spread out from the point, threatening to cover his whole body. Sarah soon notices it, and Frank can hardly tell her the truth about it...moreless