Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense

ITV (ended 1986)


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  • Lives up to it`s name

    for the most times. This is the sequel to "Hammer House Of Horror" (80). I actually likes HHOH a bit better than this series. Both tv-series can be bought on dvd from Amazon.Uk. I saw this tv-series for the first time 2-3 years ago. A few days ago, i began seeing the episodes for the second time. I think this series has generally good acting, suspense, twists and story. My favourite episodes are: Last Video and Testament, Czech Mate, The Corvini Inheritance and The Sweet Scent of Death. I think some episodes had potential to be great, but turned out to be only okay. Like these: Mark of the Devil, In Possession, Paint Me a Murder and Black Carrion. And i think these was just poor. A Distant Scream, The Late Nancy Irving, and Tennis Court. I have not yet seen epsiodes And the Wall Came Tumbling Down and Child`s Play. I don`t remember if i liked them either.