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  • A good example of why pop icons do not make good cartoon characters.

    There is a limit to how much we can take of one person, and in the early 90's, that limit was overshot my a mile with the MC Hammer franchise. Hammer was everywhere. You could not flip on the television without seeing a Hammer commercial..for everything from Taco Bell to the shoes on your feet. Hammer was either wearing it, eating it, drinking it, or using it. It's funny now to look back on those days, when a rapper was a sell-out for signing endorsement deals..These days you are not a pop icon if you don't have at least 3 endorsement deals! Anyway, back to the show. "Hammerman" was an attempt to capitalize on the buzz of the times. With Hammer on the legs of his second major tour, ABC decided to reach out to the youth of Amercia with the newest superhero. For some reason, the show did not fair as well as the network would have liked, and the dancing superhero was not widely accepted as planned. Could also have had something to do with the downhill spiral that was already taking place with the real life Hammer empire. Unfortunately for ABC and Hammer, there was no real life superhero to save Hammer from his reckless financial exploits and dwindling sales.