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Cartoon Network (ended 2003)



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Hamtaro is the story of Laura, a 10 year old girl and her pet hamster, Hamtaro. While Laura is away, Hamtaro is at play. You will most likely find him playing with his hamster friends, the Ham-Ham gang. When together, they go on many adventures and help each other out. Popular in Japan for the past few years, Hamtaro is making his way over to the U.S. This guide is tailored to the U.S. version of the show, specifically the episodes shown on Cartoon Network.

Although there was never any official announcement, Hamtaro is most-likely cancelled. The program hasn't aired any new episodes for around three years now and there is no indication that any further episodes will be produced.

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  • hamataro

    oh boy i miss this show,even though it was for girls i watched it and enjoyed it this show beats my little pony anyday hamster's rule over a bunch of talking ponies.
  • Best Show Ever!

    I used to watch this show all the time when I was younger and I still do watch it and very enjoyed it!
  • The Sunshine of My Childhood

    This used to be my favorite show when I was 8.It's adorable and great for the family.It was such a creative little show perfect for young children at the ages of 3 to 8 years old.
  • The show is about a group of hamsters that go on some cool adventures!

    This show used to be my favorite show when I was eight! Five years later, I found some old Hamtaro videos I used to have. I watched those episodes along with several others on the internet and I remembered how much I loved Hamtaro. All of the characters on the show are awesome in their own ways. Hamtaro is so fun to hang out with, Oxnard is the hungry/kinda slow character that every show has, Boss is the leader, Bijou likes Hamtaro and is always fun to watch, Howdy and Dexter are always fun to watch argue, Pashmina is really kind and caring, Penelope is adorable, Maxwell is really smart, Sandy is really athletic, Stan is a flirt and it is fun to watch him try to get the girls, Panda is a creative genius, Cappy is kind of spoiled but knows knows how to have fun, and Snoozer always gives some words of wisdom, even when he's asleep. Wow, that was a long sentence! I have to give this show an A+!moreless
  • Perfect show for kids. I used to like watching it.

    One of the best, no the best show for little kids in my view. Its not educational but when I have kids I will have them watch this show. Its better then whats on Nick JR. LOL I sound like a kid just writing this down. I still remember most of the characters like Oxnard and Maxwell and the girl that likes hamtaro i think is bijou i hope i spelled it right. Anyways I hope those who were born in the early 90's Get what i mean. Anyone born after 95 is skewed. No one now a days knows what good tv is anymore.moreless