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Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Jun 03, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Hamtaro has just moved into a new house with his owner Laura. While Laura goes out, Hamtaro escapes from his cage and meets some new friends! He becomes pals with Oxnard and Boss, two neighborhood hamsters. He also helps Boss to try to charm a female hamster named Bijou.moreless

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  • What can I say? It's the first of the season!

    On Monday August 6th on The British Sky show "Childrens Channel" (Jack in a box section) My life was finally given meaning although I didn't realize until a few more episodes how amaizing this show was. I was initally hooked as the woman turened to the camera and said.

    "Now let's Have a look at our newest show..."

    And then this episode started.

    Basically it's main perpose was to introduce 3 of the main hamsters of the show (Or 4 if you can include Bijou yet - Although she didn't really DO anything!) The Characters that we do get to see our introuced brilantly. And although it's only a fraction of their personalities we get the jyst of what they are like (It's a Soap i'm telling you!)

    Hamtaro's introduction was very cleverly done - it showed that he new what he was doing and needed to be around other a Hamters rather than Humans (It's interesting to note that while the Hamsters have been given a huge amount of character development over the years the humans are basically the same as they where when we first met them.) Oxard's appearance shows he panics and Likes Seeds (There's a bit more but that's another episode) The Boss's introduction doesn't show to much of his character yet but his time will come.

    (At this stage the adverts came on and in England and Japan the Hmasters were revealed to have HUMAN ages!

    Hamtaro - 15

    Oxard - 14

    Boss - 30

    Bijou -15 (Almost 16)

    More devolpement after the break we got more devolopement which I thought was very cleverly writen as it showed both veiws of the argument. Boss wanted to ask a girl go out with him but he's simply having dificulty getting her to understand him (Possibly because she's half his @£$&!ing age!!) We see here that Hamtaro likes helping people out here (He's one of the best characters in the show In my veiw) and the 3 Hamsters are taken to the final seen where (Infront of the newest Character - Bijou) do a dance and Hamtaro seems to be a Michael Jackson fan here (I thought it was a coincidence but I later learned that the writers were fans of Jacko - So it doesn't a genius to work out it was intentional)

    Even after all this she still isn't interested in the Boss (Rightfully - Don't what the hamster police here just yet) However she does to a strage eye movement and a dance ends with Hamtaro and Bijou staring at each other in a suspicous way...

    I was expecting some dramatic EastEnders type music at this point but then.

    "What's wrong with her eye?"

    Despite this line. He obviously noticed her even though he didn't notice her noticing him.

    On the whole this was just a good way to introuce characters. I'm pleased with it now.

    Best Moment: The "Eye Lash" scene at the end

    Worst Moment: The scene where Laura inexplbly runs in panic during a walk with her dad - they didn't explain that at all!!

Dave Ward

Dave Ward

Elder Ham

Brad Swaile

Brad Swaile


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Mr. Yoshi

Noel Fisher

Noel Fisher


Cathy Weseluck

Cathy Weseluck

Pepper, Penelope, Laura's Mother (Marion Haruna)

Richard Newman

Richard Newman

Laura's Grandfather

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