Season 2 Episode 52

Hamtaro Birthday Special

Aired Unknown Aug 31, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Hamtaro Birthday Special
Join the ham-hams for a special two part birthday episode! In the first part, a special episode called "Ham-Hams Ahoy," the ham-hams meet a hamster named Heidi while Laura is away at summer camp. Heidi is searching for a special treasure to help out her ailing grandmother, guided only by the words of a special song that her grandmother taught to her. The ham-hams join her on her search, which ctakes them to Razzle Dazzle Beach and then to Hamasea Island. They face a number of difficult trials along the way, but they're determined to stick together as a team and help Heidi find the treasure she seeks. In the second part, the ham-hams throw a giant birthday party for Hamtaro and Cappy and you're invited! Watch and listen to some great musical numbers, followed by the big birthday bash, "Happy Ham-Ham Birthday." Then, stick around for a birthday role-call of all of the main ham-hams.moreless

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    Dave Ward

    Dave Ward

    Elder Ham

    Brad Swaile

    Brad Swaile


    Scott McNeil

    Scott McNeil

    Mr. Yoshi

    Noel Fisher

    Noel Fisher


    Cathy Weseluck

    Cathy Weseluck

    Pepper, Penelope, Laura's Mother (Marion Haruna)

    Richard Newman

    Richard Newman

    Laura's Grandfather

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • At least on the Cartoon Network version, there was a screen flicker during the switch from the first part to the second.

      • During the birthday role-call at the end of the episode, Stan and Sandy are incorrectly listed as being born under the star sign Virgo. Their actual star sign is Gemini, as correctly stated on the official Hamtaro website.

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Additional Quotes

        Hamtaro: Summer camp? I wonder if any of the ham-hams know what that is.

        Oxnard: Kana says "camping" is a place where they sleep in bags, eat burnt marshmallows, swim and get bitten by mosquitoes, but it's supposed to be fun.

        Heidi: (to the ham-hams) You guys have been very nice today. I can't believe I accused you of stealing.

        Heidi: My name is Heidi, everybody. I come from the Flufferstuff Mountains.

        Boss: What little ham-ham climbs down a mountain in search of the ocean all for the sake of her grandmother. That's what I call courage. (He knocks down Hamtaro.) Right, Hamtaro? Oops!

        Snoozer: Zu zu. Pirates. Buwied tweasure. All for Granny, goin' on adventures. Ahoy!

        Howdy: Boss says that we have to watch our step, so does that mean we all have to stare at the step? Hee hee hee. Step up to laughter!

        Howdy: I got great timing for comedy, but lousy timin' when it comes to boats.
        Dexter: I wish your jokes would jump ship!
        Penelope: Ookwee!

        Jingle: Razzle-Dazzle Beach. A place where the soul can really rock and roll. Feels so grand to have the paws in the sand.

        Jingle: We took a wrong turn. I'm so forlorn, forget the beach, we're in a sea of corn.
        Howdy: Cry me a river hamboy.

        Jingle: Who needs the beach?
        Dexter: Remind me never to let Jingle be our tour guide again.
        Howdy: I hear ya', pardner.

        Sabu: How weird is that? Here I am flying into my favorite holiday resort and I find you guys airborne.

        Hamtaro: Uh... well, now we're all here thanks to the piggyback express.

        Howdy: I've got dengue fever, cowboys. Where's the goods?

        Boss: So how is all this singin' gonna help us?

        Howdy: Odelay, where is the gold? Saddle me up and spur me on, pardner!

        Maxwell: (to Heidi, about her song) Does the next verse lead us to some flashlights?

        Heidi: If we stick together, we can get through anything. That's what being a ham-ham is all about. Right?!

        Heidi: Hey, Grandma, I thought you had heat exhaustion.
        Heidi's Grandma: Nothing that some shade, water and a walk through the cool cave wouldn't cure.

        Elder Ham: Wah! We've been robbed. Somebody's taken off with our treasure... We did have treasure, didn't we?
        Heidi: What?! Don't tell me you forgot.

        Heidi: Strange.
        Hamtaro: All of a sudden, they look so young. Am I just imagining things?
        Heidi: Well, maybe they're young at heart.

        Stan: Are Hamtaro and Cappy twins?
        Sandy: No, just us.
        Postmaster Ham-Ham: It's a birthday party every month with the ham-hams.

      • ~~~ Heidi's Song ~~~

        There's a song running through my head
        Something that somebody said
        A lovely summer holiday by the sea
        That's what they said to me
        In my mind I hear the words
        The prettiest words you've ever heard
        There is an unforgettable treasure
        A beautiful gift that has no measure
        There's a future that I can see
        A large oak tree is calling me
        That's the place I want to be
        Chasing the setting sun
        That is where I'd like to run
        After crossing a small rainbow
        I shall see it, I will know
        Let's open the sunflower door
        That's what we're all hoping for.

        ~~~ The Sunflower Team ~~~

        --- Chorus 1 ---
        Let's go-go
        We're the Sunflower Team
        Let's go
        We all get along
        Together, we're the Sunflower Team
        Let's go-go
        Sing this ham-ham song
        --- end chorus ---

        If there's trouble that's no problem
        We can work it out
        We know how to do it
        That's what friends are all about
        If we work together
        There's nothing we can't do
        When it looks you can't make it
        Good friends get you through

        --- Chorus 2 ---
        Let's go-go
        We're the Sunflower Team
        Let's go-go
        Nothing stops us now
        Together we're the Sunflower Team
        Let's go-go
        Come on we'll show you how
        --- end chorus ---

        --- repeat chorus 1 ---

        If it's sunny, if it's stormy
        If it's day or night
        We'll work together now
        That's what makes it right
        Through the wind and through the rain
        Across the stormy sea
        No matter where we are
        You can always count on me!

        --- repeat choruses 1 and 2 ---

        ~~~ Happy Ham-Ham Birthday ~~~

        Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!
        Oxnard: We're all here for your special day.
        Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!
        Boss: You know with us you're #1!
        Happy Ham-Ham Birthday to you!
        Howdy: You get better as the days go by, that's 365 reasons why.
        Dexter: We love you more and more, that's what we're all singing for!
        Penelope: Ookwee!
        Pashmina: Everyone knows that you're the star, no matter what you do or where you are!
        Cappy: You always make us happy, we always have fun, you're a best friend, you're #1!
        Oxnard: Is it your laugh? Is it your smile? Is it that you're happy all the while?
        Bijou: I'm not sure, but one thing I know...
        We'll follow you whereever you go! Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!
        Hamtaro: I must be the luckiest hamster alive!
        Maxwell: You know it!
        Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!
        Boss: We've just gotta sing it one more time!
        Happy Ham-Ham Birthday to you! Yeah!

    • NOTES (13)

      • As the older Ham-Hams are shown as black-and-white versions of them as kids, you will notice that the young Elder-Ham looks remarkably like Sabu.

      • "Part 1: Ham-Hams Ahoy!" was based on the second OVA movie in Japan, and the "Part 2: Happy Birthday Hamtaro!" apparantly came from the first OVA movie.

      • There were a total of three commercial breaks.

      • The order of everyone's birthdays is:
        Snoozer (January 14th), Howdy (February 18th), Penelope (March 3rd), Panda (April 8th), Oxnard (May 3rd), Sandy & Stan (June 6th), Bijou (July 10th), Hamtaro & Cappy (August 6th), Pashmina (September 16th), Boss (September 21st), Dexter (October 11th), Maxwell (November 5th) and Jingle (December 12th)

      • Postmaster ham-ham appeared in the GBA game Ham-Ham Heartbreak.

      • New credits roll sequence at the end, with the text in black instead of right and scrolling upwards, instead of showing one set of credits after another. Also a new ShoPro logo display and copyright notice at the end "R. KAWAI / 2000, 2003 Shogakukan SMDE, TV Tokyo." (New to Cartoon Network anyway. This logo had already been shown in New Zealand and possibly other markets as well.)

      • New characters: Heidi, Postmaster/Mailman-Ham and the turtle only seen before in the closing sequence. Also Heidi's grandmother and a couple of other older hamsters. The following characters also made appearances: Sabu/Francois, Jingle/Herbert, Auntie Viv & Elder Ham and Omar.

      • At the end before the credits, there was role call of all of the different birthdays for the main characters, along with their star signs.

      • There was no Laura's journal sequence in this special and Laura only appeared very briefly at the beginning of the first part, in which we learned that she was going to summer camp.

      • Aired with the normal Cartoon Network introduction and theme song, followed by a short introduction by Hamtaro and then the new introduction sequence.

      • There were two parts: "Part 1: Ham-Hams Ahoy!" and "Part 2: Happy Birthday Hamtaro!" The ham-hams read the title display out loud for "Ham-Hams Ahoy!" Normally, the title display isn't read out loud.

      • First aired on Canada's YTV on Saturday, August 6th (Hamtaro's actual birthday according to the official website) at 12 P.M. eastern/pacific.

      • This first ever Hamtaro special was an hour long and aired at 2:30 P.M. eastern on Sunday, August 31st on Cartoon Network.

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