Season 2 Episode 52

Hamtaro Birthday Special

Aired Unknown Aug 31, 2003 on Cartoon Network



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      Hamtaro: Summer camp? I wonder if any of the ham-hams know what that is.

      Oxnard: Kana says "camping" is a place where they sleep in bags, eat burnt marshmallows, swim and get bitten by mosquitoes, but it's supposed to be fun.

      Heidi: (to the ham-hams) You guys have been very nice today. I can't believe I accused you of stealing.

      Heidi: My name is Heidi, everybody. I come from the Flufferstuff Mountains.

      Boss: What little ham-ham climbs down a mountain in search of the ocean all for the sake of her grandmother. That's what I call courage. (He knocks down Hamtaro.) Right, Hamtaro? Oops!

      Snoozer: Zu zu. Pirates. Buwied tweasure. All for Granny, goin' on adventures. Ahoy!

      Howdy: Boss says that we have to watch our step, so does that mean we all have to stare at the step? Hee hee hee. Step up to laughter!

      Howdy: I got great timing for comedy, but lousy timin' when it comes to boats.
      Dexter: I wish your jokes would jump ship!
      Penelope: Ookwee!

      Jingle: Razzle-Dazzle Beach. A place where the soul can really rock and roll. Feels so grand to have the paws in the sand.

      Jingle: We took a wrong turn. I'm so forlorn, forget the beach, we're in a sea of corn.
      Howdy: Cry me a river hamboy.

      Jingle: Who needs the beach?
      Dexter: Remind me never to let Jingle be our tour guide again.
      Howdy: I hear ya', pardner.

      Sabu: How weird is that? Here I am flying into my favorite holiday resort and I find you guys airborne.

      Hamtaro: Uh... well, now we're all here thanks to the piggyback express.

      Howdy: I've got dengue fever, cowboys. Where's the goods?

      Boss: So how is all this singin' gonna help us?

      Howdy: Odelay, where is the gold? Saddle me up and spur me on, pardner!

      Maxwell: (to Heidi, about her song) Does the next verse lead us to some flashlights?

      Heidi: If we stick together, we can get through anything. That's what being a ham-ham is all about. Right?!

      Heidi: Hey, Grandma, I thought you had heat exhaustion.
      Heidi's Grandma: Nothing that some shade, water and a walk through the cool cave wouldn't cure.

      Elder Ham: Wah! We've been robbed. Somebody's taken off with our treasure... We did have treasure, didn't we?
      Heidi: What?! Don't tell me you forgot.

      Heidi: Strange.
      Hamtaro: All of a sudden, they look so young. Am I just imagining things?
      Heidi: Well, maybe they're young at heart.

      Stan: Are Hamtaro and Cappy twins?
      Sandy: No, just us.
      Postmaster Ham-Ham: It's a birthday party every month with the ham-hams.