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Season 2 Episode 9

The Chicken Contest

Aired Unknown Apr 18, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The Chicken Contest
Laura and Kana are out walking. It's the end of summer and Laura can't believe that they have to back to school soon. It just so happens that they're walking by the school and they notice Mr. Yoshi tending to smoe plants. They ask him about it and he explains that even though school might not be in session, the plants still need to be taken care of. The ham-hams happen to be out and about too. They notice that Mr. Yoshi seems distracted and figure that he can't get the girl he likes, Charlotte, off his mind. This is confirmed when they hear him talking to himself about her. He says to himself that he should ask her out. He tries out a line on a bullfrog that happened to hop along. Just then, Charlotte walks by in the background, but Mr. Yoshi isn't looking that way and doesn't notice her. The ham-hams decide that they have to do something. They grab one of Mr. Yoshi's garden towels and make off with it, heading towards Charlotte. Laura and Kana see this and comment that the towel has a life of it's own. The ham-hams continue and deposit the towel near Charlotte. Their plan has the desired effect. Mr. Yoshi chases after it and Charlotte bends down to pick up the towel, he demands that she give it back. Charlotte says that she was just picking it up and not stealing it. Mr. Yoshi realizes that it's her. Laura and Kana have followed along and they introduce themselves by their full names. Charlotte invites them all over to where she lives. Seeing the huge mansion / farm, Kana comments that it "sure doesn't look like a hobby farm." At the farm, a sheep comes up and licks Mr. Yoshi. He thinks it's a cow, causing Charlotte to comment that he apparently hasn't spent much time on a farm before. Still, the sheep seems to like Mr. Yoshi, which surprises Charlotte, as this particular sheep is normally shy. She thinks that they have a lot in common, but she hopes Mr. Yoshi doesn't find her too forward. Mr. Yoshi, though, doesn't even understand what she means by this. She invites him to go to the zoo with her on Saturday. Just then, trouble shows up, in the form of the chickies, right behind the ham-hams. The ham-hams panic and the chickies swarm Mr. Yoshi. They're not attacking him, though. They're being nice to him. They like him because he rescued him the last time he was there at Charlotte's. Still, he's afraid of chickens and he panics and faints. Once he comes to, he yells for them to get the chickens off of him. Just then, Chairman Rooster shows up. He's tall and intimidating as usual. He says that they consider chickens good luck on his estate and if Mr. Yoshi doesn't like them, then he's bad luck. He wonders what Mr. Yoshi is doing back on his property. In any case, he has something to tell Charlotte. He's found some other guy she wants him to marry, this time some guy named Alexander, with a fancy French last name. He shows her a picture of him, holding a rose in his mouth. Charlotte shoots back that she's not marrying anyone for money. She's going to veterinarian's school and then she's going to marry someone she loves. The husband she wants is Phillip - Mr. Yoshi. Chairman Rooster declares that he won't let her ruin the future of the farm. He'll let her marry Mr. Yoshi, but only if he first wins... the chicken contest. Charlotte thinks this is terrible. There's no way Mr. Yoshi can win the chicken contest. The rules state that the winner is the first competitor to grab a chicken with his bare hands and place him on a tall pedestal. Mr. Yoshi swallows up his fear and says that he'll take on this chicken contest. He'll do whatever it takes to be with Charlotte. The ham-hams admire his bravery and decide that they'll help him. It comes time for the big chicken contest and Alexander seems preetty confident of himself. The chicken contest starts and the ham-hams are wondering where the chickens are. It turns out that they're behind a curtain, which the ham-hams are standing right in front of! Even worse, the chickens in the contest are the ones that Mr. Yoshi is so afraid of from the school. They were specially lent out from this very farm. The ham-hams split, since the chickens seem to be looking for a pre-contest snack. Alexander immediately rushes for the chickens, but he misses and they get away. The ham-hams decide to use Oxnard as a decoy to help Mr. Yoshi, but when that fails, Hamtaro goes in instead. Mr. Yoshi tries to catch the chickens, but they end up blowing right past him too. Alexander bowls Mr. Yoshi and it seems that he's in real trouble. The ham-hams try another distraction, calling the chickens names. Just then, Alexander comes up, makes a lasso with a rope and ties one of the chicken's legs and starts dragging it. Chairman Rooster and everyone else can't believe it. Not only is Alexander not playing by the rules, but he's treating the chicken terribly as well. The other chickens don't like this and neither do the chickies. They attack Alexander, who ends up running off in a panic. Mr. Yoshi frees the one chicken from the rope. It hops into his arms and is very calm. Mr. Yoshi's no longer scared. He calmly walks over to the pedestal, sets the chicken down and wins the contest. Chairman Rooster can't believe it. He says he's proud of Mr. Yoshi and can tell he really loves animals. But, then, when Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi start talking about their relationship and marriage again, Chairman Rooster says that nobody is going to run off with his only daughter. He says that if Mr. Yoshi wants to prove his dedication, he'll stay in the henhouse for one year. Mr. Yoshi runs off in a panic, saying that he likes chickens, but not that much. That evening, Laura reflects on what happened. She thought the day was wacky. She hopes that Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi get married, as they really seem to love each other.moreless

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    Dave Ward

    Dave Ward

    Elder Ham

    Brad Swaile

    Brad Swaile


    Scott McNeil

    Scott McNeil

    Mr. Yoshi

    Noel Fisher

    Noel Fisher


    Cathy Weseluck

    Cathy Weseluck

    Pepper, Penelope, Laura's Mother (Marion Haruna)

    Richard Newman

    Richard Newman

    Laura's Grandfather

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • During Mr. Yoshi's speech about his fear of chickens, he mentions some of the specific things about chickens that frighten him. When he mentions "their sharp, shrieking beaks," the background shows a rooster's crest, instead of a shrieking beak.

      • As with the previous episode, Cartoon Network once again accidentally left in a promo at the end of the episode. It was for "Treasure Hunting," and, like the previous promo, part of it was spoken over with a promo that normally is spoken over the ending music.

    • QUOTES (21)

      • Oxnard: Your beaks are ugly!
        Panda: So are your mothers!

      • Dexter: (insulting chickens) I'll take a drumstick!

      • Hamtaro: Good job, Old MacDonald! Now let me nibble the corn!

      • Yoshi: (during chicken contest) There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm five feet taller than them and their brains are the size of peanuts! (chickens squack) AAAAAH!!!

      • Laura: I hope Mr. Yoshi and Charlotte end up getting married. They really seem to love each other, don't they?
        Hamtaro: Heke.

      • Laura: Today sure was wacky. Wow.

      • Chairman Rooster: (to Mr. Yoshi) I want you to prove your dedication by living in the henhouse... for one year!

      • Alexander: Stop your squawking, stupid bird. After I win, I'm cooking you for dinner!
        Chairman Rooster: He's not an animal lover! That's my prize bird!

      • Boss: Bird-brains!
        Bijou: Chicken a la king!
        Howdy: Ya' free-range freaks!

      • Chairman Rooster: The man who wins this contest proves himself worthy of marriage to my only child and heir, Charlotte.

      • Mr. Yoshi: My name is Phillip Yoshi and I have a fear of chickens. I'm afraid of their beady eyes, their sharp shrieking beaks, but most of all, their scaly little legs! But now I have the power to overcome this fear! My love for Charlotte will conquer over all!
        Howdy: Got as much hope as a daisy growin' on a chuck-wagon race track.

      • Charlotte: Not... not the chicken contest.

      • Chairman Rooster: We consider chickens good luck on this estate. If you don't like them, then you're bad luck.
        Charlotte: But Phillip loves animals, father.

      • Hamtaro: (as Chairman Rooster looms over) We're not due for an eclipse.

      • Mr. Yoshi: I've always been a big chicken around chickens. It's their beady little eyes.

      • Charlotte: I hope you don't find me too forward.
        Mr. Yoshi: Where you are is great. Blocks the sun.
        Ham-hams: No, that's not what she means!

      • Mr. Yoshi: (as a sheep licks him) So what breed of cow is this?
        Charlotte: You haven't spent much time on a farm, have you, Phillip?
        Hamtaro: Kiss the girl, not the sheep!
        Howdy: Will you get off the fence and ask her out already, cowboy?

      • Hamtaro: Mr. Yoshi's in love?
        Pashmina: Don't tell me you've forgotten about Charlotte?

      • Howdy: (regarding Mr. Yoshi) He does better as the strong, silent type.
        Hamtaro: Even the bullfrog turned down that offer!
        Bijou: Oui. Frogs have very expensive taste. In fact, they are always found in the very finest restaurants.

      • Mr. Yoshi: (as he grabs his towel back from the person the ham-hams deposited it near) My designer garden towel! (looks up) Cha-cha-Charlotte!
        Charlotte: Hi there, Phillip. Good to see you again! I didn't mean to steal your towel, I was just picking it up.
        Mr. Yoshi: Well, if I'd known it was you, I would've told you to keep it!
        Hamtaro: Why would she want a sweaty old towel?
        Boss: When humans get mushy, so do their brains.

      • Howdy: (regarding Mr. Yoshi, again) He's more dense than a bramble thicket!

    • NOTES (4)

      • When the ham-hams start running from the chickens, Pashmina, Stan, Oxnard, Bijou and Dexter are leaning forward, while Boss, Hamtaro, Howdy and Maxwell are upright.

      • Mr. Yoshi and Charlotte finally go on the date they keep talking about in this episode in "The Zoo Date."

      • Laura doesn't say anything to the effect of "tomorrow will be even better," like she usually does. Of course, since her part in this episode was so small, she doesn't have much to talk about.

      • This episode continues the story from "The Great Chicken Chase."

    • ALLUSIONS (0)