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Hana Yori Dango

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2008)


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Hana Yori Dango

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A girl from a poor family Makino Tsukushi is forced by her parents to attend an exclusive co-ed high school, Eitoku Gakuen. Tsukushi stands up to a boy that is bullying her friend. The bully turns out to be a member of the Flower 4, a group of 4 boys from extremely affluent and well-connected families. He tries to bully Tsukushi into leaving but she is tough and stands up to the Flowers. - Based off the popular shoujo manga, "Hana Yori Dango," written by Kamio Yoko - There is an animated version named, "Boys Over Flowers" of this dorama that aired between 1996 - 1997. - There was also a Taiwanese version made named, "Meteor Garden" and "Meteor Garden II".

***Opening Song*** "Wish" by Arashi (1st Season) "Love So Sweet" by Arashi (2nd Season)

*Arashi is the J-pop group that Jun Matsumoto (Tsukasa Doumyouji) is a part of.
Jun Matsumoto

Jun Matsumoto

Tsukasa Doumyouji

Shota Matsuda

Shota Matsuda

Soujirou Nishikado

Tsuyoshi Abe

Tsuyoshi Abe

Akira Mimasaka

Mao Inoue

Mao Inoue

Tsukushi Makino

Mariko Kaga

Mariko Kaga

Kaede Doumyouji

Oguri Shun

Oguri Shun

Rui Hanazawa

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  • I love this show so much. My co-worker told me about it and ever since then I have been hooked.

    There are two season, Season 2 being my favorite. What's so great about this show is because the love between Domyouji and Makino is so strong. I myself would've given up because that much drama would've killed me. Domyouji isn't an easy guy to be around, and I admire Makino for being able to deal with it all.

    The actors are great, I adore Inoue Mao, she's really good at facial expression, she's funny, charming, but also good with drama. The show wouldn't have been half as good if it weren't for her and the rest of the cast.

    This of course leads me to Matsumoto Jun, who isn't just a hottie, but also a great actor and singer.(see theme-song by Arashi) I have seen him in Gokusen where he plays someone completely different, and it's great to see him play a character like this. Oguri Shun is of course my personal favorite. I know him from the movie "Azumi" and the show "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" and ever since then I have been a big fan of his. I love his character Hanazawa Rui, and I would love to have him as my boyfriend. XD

    Matsuda Shota as Soujiroh is great, his character is interesting and funny, and seems like such a great person to be friends with. Just friends, of course, because Jiroh is a player. Abe Tsuyshi's character Mimasaka on the other hand seems great in any way, and I was glad to see him back, just like Jiroh and Rui, back on Hana Yori Dango Final Movie.

    The show holds many great characters and actors, I love Domyouji's mother, because she's a real witch. She's the meanest person ever, and I love to hate her. Domyouji's sister is great, and so is Shi-zuka, Makino's inspiration. I really love all the characters, because they have all been cast really well.

    As for the story, love it as well. It's funny and you can cry your heart out at times as well. Once you start watching you can't stop because you just NEED to know how it's going to end. Will they end up together or not? It won't sure throughout the entire series, which is what I love. There's many questions you get, but they're all gonna be answered.

    I've really come to love this show, just like the movie. It is great and it makes me happy.moreless
  • With a series of cat fights, gang beatings, love, and subtle humor, Makino's high school life is just getting started. From here on her high school career is just packed with drama and romance.moreless

    Makino Tsukushi is the poorest girl in her school. Coming from a lower middle class family, her parents have to work hard in order to pay for her school tuition at one of the most prestigious schools in Japan, Eitoku Academy. It's the school for the rich, spoiled, and greedy, but at least her parents have a child they can brag about to their friends and colleagues. Having been accepted to such a lavish school, you'd expect Makino to be living it up, but it's quite the opposite. Rather than enjoying her high school life, Makino is constantly bullied for being poor, but that doesn't keep her down. She's going to stand firm like that annoying weed in the ground! No one can get rid of her that easily, right? Well, maybe I'm wrong. After punching Domyoji Tsukasa, the richest of F4 (a group of the four richest kids in school), it seems Makino has gotten herself into big trouble. With a series of cat fights, gang beatings, love, and subtle humor, Makino's high school life is just getting started. From here on her high school career is just packed with drama and romance.moreless
  • A poor girl goes to a rich school finds trouble(and love) but does not act like a typical "poor" girl should

    Or at least thats how I see Tsukushi Makino when she gets ready to go up against F4. I fell in love with this show. I watched in subtitle since I just love how japanese sounds and I wouldnt have gotten it any other way. But yeah besides that its a very endearing story and different from what you always see on American tv. I mean in some parts its naive and innocent on others you are dealing with some deep emotions that is made to carry over light and funny. Makino and Rui started out being my favorite characters but as the show goes on you cant help but like Doumyouji as he gets to know Makino. I could say more but then it would spoil itmoreless
  • A complicated love story. Poor girl loves the rich guy from the same school. The typical story of every show. But the process of that you gotta watch yourself. I won't be a spoiler.moreless

    Same storyboard as every other shows, but during the process of love is kind of different from the others. I think the japanese meteor garden is nicer than the taiwanese version. i cross my heart i swear that i would prefer the japanese version. If you like this kind of story... Please feel free and watch Hana Kimi. For your information, i suggest you to compare the taiwanese version of hana kimi and meteor garden and the japanese version of them. You can see a really obvious difference in the show.

    In the taiwanese version, actors that are suppose to act like high schoolers just look so wrong. They look like graduating peopleof adults looking for a job with their age nearing 35. Actors just look more mature for the role.

    For the japanese version, actors that are suppose to act like high schoolers just look so right. They look perfect and the exact candidate. They simply just look like youngsters and all. They fit the role.moreless