Hana Yori Dango

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • The greatest last present
      Tsukasa is kidnapped by Nishida and taken to his mother's office.
    • Now the female high school student's "Top of Japan" decision war
      Not only has Tsukushi's father been laid off, the family is also 5 million yen in debt.
    • Battle F4 dissolution!
      Filled with anger at his friend's betrayal, Tsukasa kicks Rui out of the F4.
    • A love triangle of a roller-coaster ride hair-trigger crisis
      Rui has come back from France, but something is different about him...What happened to the old Rui, and did Makino really let go of her feelings towards him?
    • Confession of Life Threatening Love
      Pictures of Makino and an unknown man are shown to the school and Doumyouji is NOT happy about it. Makino returns to being the most hated girl in school again and is even kidnapped...but who will come to save her?
    • First time coming home in the morning
      Tsukasa gets help from his sister to ask out Makino on a date. The date is a disaster which causes MORE drama for Makino.
    • Tears! Good-bye to the person I like
      Makino begs Shizuka to stay in Japan for Rui's sake which angers Rui. Makino, upset and hurt, tells Rui that if he really loved Shizuka, he has to follow her... What will Rui decide?
    • The worst first kiss!
      Tsukushi is more and more drawn to Hanazarui, which catches the eyes of her jealous classmates. They trick her into going to Shizuka Todou's welcome back party and ridicule her at the party. Both Rui and Shizuka lend a helping hand, and Doumyouji's jealousy takes over. When Makino ran to "save" Rui from Doumyouji, she received something else instead.moreless
    • Declaration of war! The thing which is absolutely more important than money
      Makino Tsukushi, a usually quiet girl at school stands up against the F4 for a friend, which in then turns her to be red-flagged. Everyone in school picks on her, but she stands up and eventually decides to declare war back on the F4.