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  • Season 1
    • Hanasakeru Seishonen 39
    • Hanasakeru Seishonen 38
    • Relying on the Course of Love
      After the coronation ceremony for the new king Rumaty had taken place, Zao was waiting to talk to Lee-leng. Zao asks Lee-leng to take back stepping down as the leader of the Huang's, but Lee-leng's mind is made up in order to protect Kajika. Zao, having put all his hopes and dreams of the Huang's into Lee-leng's hand, turns to his last resort. After some time had passed, Kajika finds out that Lee-leng had gone back home. With some discomfort and anxiety, Kajika returns to the United States to find out that Lee-leng and Ling-lee are now engaged. Kajika becomes confused and in addition to that, news of Machaty's critical condition is relayed to her.moreless
    • For Eternity
      For Eternity
      Episode 36
      Quinza appears before Rumaty, who is on his way to reconcile with Somand. Quinza reveals to Rumaty that he was behind everything that happened and hands over a list of others that cooperated with him. The list was handed over to sell off Quinza and his comrades. Rumaty suspects something, though he receives the list as Quinza watches. Quinza says despicable things and acts as a traitor, then puts a knife to his throat for the new King Rumaty.moreless
    • The beginning of 1,000 years
      After a failed attempt at assassination, Quinza is hurt badly. When Kajika and Lee-leng went to see, he had already vanished. On the other hand, Rumaty appears in front of civilians and soldiers packed at the airport. In front of 100,000 people, Rumaty announces that he will be the 'Last King' in order to lead Raginei. Further, he swears to dedicate his life to the people by showing them the greatest sign of respect. Quinza on the other hand hears this in his car and tries to take one last action for him.moreless
    • Heroâs Welcome
      Heroâs Welcome
      Episode 34
      Lee-leng visits the hospital after hearing Carl's message, though Carl's sister Isabel tries to get in the way. Suddenly an assassin appears before them. Sensing danger Lee-leng is able to get away and the assassin poisons himself. Isabel fears for her life because she thinks she is the one that was targeted and tells Lee-leng that she has revealed the secret about Kajika to Quinza. Lee-leng hurries back to the hideout fearing for Kajika's safety, though Quinza had already come into contact with Kajika.moreless
    • Seeds of Disaster
      Seeds of Disaster
      Episode 33
      Once Kajika and the others escaped the palace and safely made it back to the hideout, they learn that Rumaty has returned to the country. Kakija fearing for Rumaty's safety tells the others that she wants to go get him at the airport. The people around Kajika are fervently against the idea because they know about her secret. Lee-leng heads over to the airport leaving Kajika at the hideout. In the meantime, the Palace of Raginei has become Quinza's own, awaiting Rumaty's return. Suddenly an envelope makes it to Quinza from Carl's sister revealing the truth about Kajika's lineage.moreless
    • Lies and Truths
      Lies and Truths
      Episode 32
      Kajika, Lee-leng, and Sezun have entered the palace in order to rescue Eugene and Noei. Disguised as tailors, they reunite with Eugene. Lee-leng leaves Kajika with Eugene in order to head to the jail cell where Noei is held captive. Lee-leng was able to rescue Noei with the help of the priest, though on the way to meeting up with Kajika, they come face to face with the guards. On the other hand, danger is approaching Kajika and Eugene, who are waiting for Lee-leng's arrival.moreless
    • Unmerging Ideas
      Unmerging Ideas
      Episode 31
      Quinza appears before Noei, who is held captive in an underground prison. Both of them want to put the future of Raginei into Rumaty's hands, though the two disagree on their ideas of how to reach that goal. Quinza comes to the realization that they will not agree on the issue and wants to execute Noei for a fallacious crime in order to gather momentum for the revolution. At the same time, Carl is heading to the palace along with his father, who is trying to take back Raginei from Burnsworth. On the way to the palace they are attacked by thieves.moreless
    • An Unstoppable Way
      An Unstoppable Way
      Episode 30
      After finding Noei's hideout, Quinza sends out the secret police to the hideout in order to use Noei for his plan. On the other hand, Noei senses danger and plans to move his hideout, though the men from the palace arrive at the hideout sooner than he had expected. Using the underground waterway, everyone from the hideout escapes, though Kajika notices that Noei is not among them. Kajika feels a sense of guilt when she learns that it was Noei's plan to diverge the enemy's attention while everyone else escaped. Suddenly, more of the men from the palace catch up to them.moreless
    • Within the Circle of Destiny
      Toranosuke goes to Harry, since contact with Lee-leng has ceased. Thinking that there is a high possibility of both Lee-leng and Kajika caught up in the coup d'état, Toranosuke, being the first to hear Kajika's feelings, regrets not restraining Kajika from going to Raginei. While at Harry's, new information pops in. On the other hand, Carl visits the American embassy seeking more information on Kajika's whereabouts. While at the embassy Carl's father, Nelson appears and reveals a shocking truth to Carl.moreless
    • Beyond the Differences
      Lee-leng finds out Kajika has gone to Raginei. He heads to Raginei alone in hopes of getting there before Kajika does. On the other hand, Kajika arrives at the airport and bumps into Carl. Kajika tells Carl that she arrived in the country without telling Lee-leng. Carl proposes an idea to explain the situation to Lee-leng when he arrives. When Carl steps out for a moment to pick up his bags, Lee-leng arrives. Carl goes to Lee-leng to explain the situation. However, the conversation is cut short by a sudden explosion.moreless
    • Heavy Chains
      Heavy Chains
      Episode 27
      Lee-leng hears that Eugene has been abducted from Lady Glücksköld, who suddenly visits him at his estate. To get to the bottom of the story he calls Carl, though his conversation is overheard by Kajika. Wanting to be able to help Rumaty and his supporters, Kajika offers her help. Lee-leng fiercely opposes the idea. Kajika agrees not to go, though in her heart she has already made a decision.moreless
    • Puppet
      Episode 26
      Eugene attends the party hosted by King Somand to get the inside scoop about the royal family. Impeded by the heavy security, the purpose of going to the party could not be fulfilled. Just when he though the party was a waste of time, Najayra appears before him. While speaking with Lee-leng, Kajika senses that, Lee-leng, is misunderstanding Quinza. Kajika volunteers to go to Raginei to find out the truth for the sake of Rumaty. When Lee-leng finds out, he raises his voice and tries to stop Kajika.moreless
    • Missing Piece
      Missing Piece
      Episode 25
      "With the broadcast of Rumaty's interview, factions of his supporters have multiplied in Raginei; but with the Special Police moving to crush them, the political situation grows ever more unstable. Kajika, meanwhile, is worried about Eugene, currently headed to Raginei, and pays a visit to Carl to see if there is anything he can do. Just then, Carl's older sisters show up demanding money again. Carl has them cornered with logic, but his sisters get revenge by trapping him in the dark!"moreless
    • Bewildered
      Episode 24
      To save his home country from destruction, Rumaty decides to stand up. Although worrying about Rumaty, Kajika realizes that his strong will cannot be stopped. Looking at Kajika, Rumaty opens up his feeling and kisses her. Lee-leng, looking for Kajika, witnesses the moment. The hurt Lee-leng turns away and departs. Rumaty witnesses his departure and realizes Lee-leng's true feelings.moreless
    • Breaking Away
      Breaking Away
      Episode 23
      Rumaty hears about the riot in Raginei. Rumaty is torn by the unstable condition of his country, even after the coronation of his brother, Somand. Eddie visits the Burnsworth residence to have an interview with Rumaty. At the residence, Eddie talks about the inflation, the embezzlement of the national treasury, and the corruption that runs through Raginei to Kajika. Rumaty hears this and is further torn by the fact that his beloved brother is causing the people to suffer, while steering the country to destruction.moreless
    • Repose
      Episode 22
      One year after the coronation of King Somand, Yui comes to the United States to visit Kajika at the Burnsworth residence. Observing the gorgeous room, the excited Yui feels like a princess who lives in a castle. Yui daydreams that in her next visit she would arrive with her own prince. Rumaty then appears in front of Yui.moreless
    • An Unforgettable Day
      Kajika enters Raginei a moment before the coronation of the new king, Somand. When the group arrives at the hotel, Harry asks for Lee-leng. Harry insists that Lee-leng comes by himself and confesses to him the true purpose of Kajika's husband hunting. Although Lee-leng suspected something, he was not able to contain his disbelief in regards to the heavy fate Kajika carried. Furthermore, Harry strikes an emotional blow to Lee-leng with more grueling reality.moreless
    • Turning Point
      Turning Point
      Episode 20
      Hearing from Kajika that she met Quinza, Rumaty does not inquire about anything and quietly accepts the fact. After a while, Harry appears before Rumaty, who is alone in the garden. Rumaty is initially cautious of Harry since he does not know him but is intrigued by his words. At this time, Harry tells Rumaty to become the king. Oddly, Rumaty feels as if he was told by his father.moreless
    • Uncontrollable Feeling
      Suddenly, Quinza appears in front of Kajika to check if Rumaty was not injured by the previous kidnapping incident. Kajika, sensing a deep compassion in Quinza's eyes towards Rumaty, asks of his intentions. Meanwhile, Carl quickly returns home after hearing from his father, Nelson. Upon arrival, Carl finds out about the investigation of Harry's birth and Nelson's attempt to take back Raginei from Burnsworth.moreless
    • Opposition
      Episode 18
      Najayra invites Kajika to her mansion. Although she seems welcoming on the outside, deep down, Najayra has her own agenda. However, Kajika is not intimidated by her intentions, while Toranosuke feels the uneasy tension between them. In addition, Najayra has invited Carl to her mansion. Knowing that Kajika and Carl are corporate enemies, Najayra enjoys trying to elicit a reaction from the two. Despite Najayra's plot, Kajika is not affected by this and asks Carl about the quarrels between their fathers.moreless
    • 8/16/09
      Lee-leng sustains a gun wound in a failed attempt to rescue Rumaty. Unsure if his tactics may work, in a last-ditch effort, he tries to leverage his position as the leader of the Huang group to pay off the men who were hired by Raginei. Though the men are shaken by his offer and waver from deep inside, they bring Rumaty and Lee-leng on board their boat, one step closer to being handed over.moreless
    • Pride
      Episode 16
      Eugene returns to the hotel where Kajika was waiting. Kajika is relieved that he was safe. Then she receives two letters; an invitation to Somand's enthronement celebration held one month later, and a letter from Najayra. At that time, Rumaty was being hidden in the Burnsworth residence, but he escapes. As he is rejoicing his freedom, Rumaty is discovered by the people hired by Raginei...moreless
    • Moonlight Medium
      Moonlight Medium
      Episode 15
      While at Izmal's manson, Eugene is summoned by Najayra, who, apart from being part of royalty, also possesses authority as a shaman. Najayra, who had been interested in Kajika, mentions to Eugene that she had wanted to meet him, since he was Kajika's friend. Eugene uses this opportunity to find out more about Najayra's secrets. However, Eugene becomes overwhelmed by Najayra's strong personality. Meanwhile, Kajika arrives at the US embassy and finds out that Carl's father has resentment towards Harry.moreless
    • Warmth
      Episode 14
      Noei, sensing the presence of a shadow behind Somand, tells only Sezun that he plans to return to Raginei using a secret route through Malaysia. Rumaty, hiding in the shadows overhears the conversation. Meanwhile, Kajika worries about Eugene who has decided to go alone to a royal family party hosted by Izmal. She decides to do anything in her power to help him. However, in the next moment, the hotel elevator where she had coincidentally met Carl breaks down, and the two are trapped inside.moreless
    • Country of the Sun
      Country of the Sun
      Episode 13
      Charged with treason, Rumaty was deported from his country. In order to find out the truth about this incident, Kajika heads to Raginei with Eugene and Toranosuke. Meanwhile, Lee-leng is troubled by Quinza's lack of action regarding the conspiracy. At the same time, Lee-leng is worried about Kajika now that Raginei has become very unstable. In the midst of this turmoil, Carl, the young "lion" of the Rosenthals who's in opposition with the Burnsworth group, visits Raginei palace.moreless
    • Alone
      Episode 12
      Lee-leng starts to realize the secret behind Harry's birth. In the meantime, Kajika brings over Eugene, who has been kicked out of his apartment, and Lee-leng reluctantly agrees to let him stay. The next to suddenly arrive is Rumaty, who is in America on political business on behalf of his sick father, and Kajika is overjoyed at their reunion. While they are talking, Quinza comes to bid them goodbye for his return, and something in his parting words makes Rumaty feel uneasyâ?¦moreless
    • Shape of Love
      Shape of Love
      Episode 11
      On seeing a picture of Rumaty, Fred suddenly collapses. While Kajika and the others watch over him and worry, Fred, delirious, mumbles the name of Rumaty's grandfather, Machaty. Lee-leng senses something in Fred's words. Kajika, on the other hand, worries that Fred will leave her, and she confesses her deep anguish to Lee-leng.moreless
    • Cross Days
      Cross Days
      Episode 10
      Kajika was invited to her grandfather Fred's residence. When Kajika saw the room that her late grandmother Kathleen prepared, she was filled with joy but at the same time was reminded of the sadness. The next morning, Fred inquired about the "Husband Search" game so Kajika showed him a photo of Eugene. Furthermore, when she showed a picture of her friend, Rumaty, Fred's face froze up . At that moment, he collapsed.moreless
    • Something that Never Changes
      Eugene comes to Japan to visit Kajika, but she isn't back from Hong Kong. Remembering that Yui was Kajika's best friend, Eugene decides to pay her a visit. Yui is amazed by the sudden arrival of this beautiful foreigner. Unable to communicate with Eugene, she nonetheless invites him to her house, where the beautiful stranger causes an uproar; and the chaos is only increased by the arrival of Kajika, Toranosuke, and Lee-leng.moreless
    • Promise
      Episode 8
      Hoping to cheer Rumaty up, Kajika brings him a home-cooked meal. When she gets there, though, Quinza takes it and won't let her in to see him, saying Rumaty still feels ill. Kajika, who thought they'd become friends, is hurt by the feeling that he's avoiding her. When she returns to her room, however, Rumaty is there, and he suddenly tells a shocked Kajika that he's going back to his country.moreless
    • Feelings for Someone
      Rumaty is shocked to discover that his brother Somando's guard officer, Noei, is the one after his life. However, at the crucial moment, Noei is the one who saves him. Toranosuke and the others arrive at the scene and the incident ends. After returning to the Huang mansion, Kajika ponders Rumaty's pain at being betrayed by his beloved brother, and he goes to Noei to find out why he didn't carry out the order.moreless
    • Pure Heart
      Pure Heart
      Episode 6
      Sudden danger threatens the lives of Kajika and Rumaty, the prince of Raginei. Fleeing their pursuer, they run into Yung Itsubu, the leader of a group operating in the area. At the same time, Toranosuke realizes that Kajika is nowhere to be seen in the mansion. Lee-leng has a bad feeling about Rumaty's trip to Hong Kong, and he learns from Quinza, Rumaty's attendant, that Rumaty's life is in danger.moreless
    • Encounters ~ Reunions
      Kajika is invited to a party hosted by Lee-leng's uncle, Huang Ken-Chang. Seeing a totally different Lee-leng at the party, Kajika feels lonely and left behind. Bridget, Ken-chang's wife, gives Kajika a key to the greenhouse, where she often used to meet Lee-leng. Kajika heads to the greenhouse, but a man named Leon greets her and tries to push himself on her. Then another boy appears, about the same age as Kajika and with blue eyes. Although she has never met this boy, there's something familiar about himâ?¦moreless
    • The Day When the Long Night Ends
      Kajika arrives at the Volkan estate on the day that Eugene's family is celebrating his twentieth birthday. Aggravated by Kajika's unannounced arrival, Eugene shouts at her to leave immediately. Worried about his strange behavior, Kajika is asked by the butler to try to save Eugene's troubled spirit. Kajika waits in the other room. As the party begins, Eugene confesses that he already knows the loathsome secret of his birth and hands a gun to his father to kill him.moreless
    • A Sleepless Night
      Judging that further involvement with Eugene is dangerous, Lee-leng locks Kajika up in her room. Eugene, however, isn't inclined to accept Lee-Ieng's terms. That night, right before Lee-leng's, Eugene takes Kajika away. The two arrive at Eugene's father's second home and spend a short time talking. Sensing that Eugene doesn't value himself, Kajika tells him her thoughts and feelings. Then, they hear some commotion, when Eugene's brothers appear.moreless
    • Circling Love
      Circling Love
      Episode 2
      Kajika consented to her father's game of the "Husband Search". One day, Kajika meets a man by the name of Eugene De Volkan. She had a feeling that he has the spirit her white leopard in his soul and in order to confirm this, she visited his apartment. Lee-leng, who had undertaken the duty of overseeing this whole "Husband Search" game, had a bad feeling about Eugene so he began to investigate. At the same time he received that investigation report, there was a woman in Eugene's apartment, holding a gun.moreless
    • Innocent Girl
      Innocent Girl
      Episode 1
      After living the isolated island of Caribbean most of her life, Kajika Kugami transfers to a Japanese middle school for the first time. Her best friend is Yui Yamate and she lives a glorified school life. One day at school, Yui bumps into a gang girl and the girls argue. When Yui and Kajika are on their way home, the gang surrounds them. Kajika's bodyguard, Toranosuke Haga, came to the rescue them. Kajika wants to protect Yui, so she decides to go with the gangsters...and gets in their car. The situation starts to get dangerous when Kajika's trusted friend Lee-Leng Huag shows up.moreless