Hanasaku Iroha

Season 1 Episode 21

Rebirth of "Die"

Full Episode: Rebirth of "Die"

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The staff at the Kissuiso hear of the sudden news about Enishi and Takako's marriage. Despite the fact that he lacks money to even hold a wedding ceremony, Enishi is determined to liven up the inn once more with his fiancee; however, Sui insists that they have a ceremony in order to uphold his reputation as the successor of the inn. Enishi stresses over the wedding costs, and Ohana and the rest of the crew seem to be out of ideas... but just then, a short phrase out of Beanman brings about the idea to have the ceremony at Kissuiso, with everyone helping out! Ohana is excited to make it a success, but Tohru, who was put in charge of the meals, is also enthusiastic.moreless
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