Hanaukyo Maid Team

TV Tokyo (ended 2004)


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Hanaukyo Maid Team

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After his mother passes away, Taro Hanaukyo is invited to his grandfather's home. He soon meets a beautiful maid named Mariel from the house, and discovers that not only did his grandfather leave, he also stated that, Taro is, "The Master of the House." Taro also discovers that not only is the estate a colossal mansion, it has hundreds of gorgeous maids ready to serve him 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Taro now has to deal with not only a responsibility of running a house, but deal with hundreds of over zealous maids that want to please him in every way possible.


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  • Its about a boy whos lost his parents and goes to live with his grandfather in a huge mansion but turns out his grandfather left leaving in his care about 100 -150 maids in his care and a beatuiful unique maid that he falls in love with.moreless

    Its a great show i loved it. it has a great blend of romance, ecchi, and adventure. it has a great story thats easy to follow with a main character overcoming chalenges ahead of his time it is a fantastic show and they should try to make sequals to it. ive watched lots of animes like this such as DearS and love hina and chobits ( i like when marile wears the persacom ears from chobits ). i truely love this show and wish that more shows like this would be translated into english for people that cant understand japanese but eaither way its a great show none the less.moreless
  • A Anime about A underage/ or maybe not.. living in a Huge Mansion..With a LOT of Maids who will do what ever you say.. Enff said..

    This Anime is basiclly about a kid whos mother passed away, and is in search of a place to live. Then he recieve an invitition from his grandfather to live in his mansion, un-noticely that he was rich, and has a LOT of maids... Taro Hanaukyo[the main character turns/ changes colors whenever a \"female\" person touches him. He later falls in love with a maid in the mansion and hopes to get to know her better..

    This anime has middle amount on Nudity, so this anime is not for people until the ages of 13.. i enjoyed this anime and so can you.moreless
  • Good Anime, but nothing amazing.

    Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite is a good show, but nothing amazing. It is like many other Ecchi fan service animes around, full of nudity and sexual innuendos, but not a whole lot of substance. But that does not mean i do not like the anime a great deal, it is still very funny and enjoyable, and would recommend it to most anime fans as a good light hearted show that washes out of your mind a day or two after you watch it.

    If you enjoy Ecchi animes like, Mahoromatic, Girls Bravo, or DearS, try this out, you will not be disappointed.moreless

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