Hancock's Half Hour - Season 5

BBC (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • Football Pools
    Football Pools
    Episode 10
    While checking his pools coupon Hancock realizes that he has got 7 draws and has to wait for a late kickoff for the final result Unable to wait They both go to the match to cheer for a draw
  • Spanish Interlude
    Spanish Interlude
    Episode 9
    Unable to find work in England Sid persuades Hancock to go to Spain until they realize they don't speak Spanish. Then, when the local bullfighter quits, Hancock gets the job
  • The Tycoon
    The Tycoon
    Episode 8
    Hancock goes to a shareholders meeting, and dreams that he is a financial wizard. He plays cards with the richest man in the world and Sid to control the world's money. Sid wins, but it was all a dream.
  • The Big Night
    The Big Night
    Episode 7
    Sid and Hancock are looking forward to a good Saturday night out. They start to get ready, only to find that they don't have any clean clothes to wear out. So Hancock heads off to the laundrette for the first time.
  • The Cruise
    The Cruise
    Episode 6
    Hancock and Sid go on a cruise on the meditaranean to meet a few birds. But because it is October and Hancock is certain that the weather in October is the same all over the world, he dresses as if it is winter even though it is very hot. Hancock gets the idea that the boat is sinking, partly due to the weather and that he had been reading about sea mysteries. He warns the other passengers and gets everyone worried but because it is in his imagination he just ends up getting himself into a great deal of trouble.moreless
  • The Train Journey
    The Train Journey
    Episode 5
    Sid as Hancock's agent gets him a job in a Shakespearean play in a remote theatre in Yorkshire They travel up by train but meet such a boring bunch of fellow travellers they decide to come back by coach only to meet the same people that they met on the way upmoreless
  • Twelve Angry Men
    Twelve Angry Men
    Episode 4
    Hancock is the foreman of a jury who disagree on the verdict of the defendant Hancock thinks he is innocent when all the other jurors including Sid James think he is guilty After convincing them to change their votes Hancock suddenly switches to a guilty decision.
  • Lord Byron Lived Here
    23 Railway Cuttings is in desperate need of repairs. Hancock and Sid, who are trying to find a cheap solution to this problem, decide to try and search for an important previous owner of the house, so they can get the repairs done for free. After much searching they come up empty handed, but Sid who read something about Lord Byron being in the area, decides to write poems on the walls. Hancock believes they are genuine, and tries to get the house repaired, but he is turned down. So Hancock decides to open his home as a stately home, offering a tour and a chance to buy souvenirs at the end of the tour, to help finance the repairs. But not everything goes to plan.moreless
  • The Two Murderers
    The Two Murderers
    Episode 2
    Sid asks for a loan from Hancock, to turn Mabel's Fish and Chip Parlour into El Fish and Chippo, but Hancock refuses. Sid tells Hancock that he will get the money somehow, which Hancock takes as a threat. Hancock believes that Sid is going to kill him for his money and because Hancock is acting so strangely towards Sid, Sid also thinks that Hancock wants to kill him, to steal his idea for El Fish and Chippo.moreless
  • The Economy Drive
    The Economy Drive
    Episode 1
    After a holiday abroad Tony and Sid return home to find that Sid had forgotten to turn off the gas and electricity cancel the milk and papers and has left the TV on Appalled at the waste Hancock decides to go on an economy drive much to Sid's discomfort but the result is not what Hancock wantedmoreless