Hand Maid May

TV Tokyo (ended 2000)


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Hand Maid May

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Hand Maid May. This is the story of Kazuya Saotome, a Shy, engineering student who has nothing but bad luck around women. Kazuya doesn't have that much time for women. He spends most of his time working on his pet robot Ikariya, but before you know it Kazuya's life is turned upside down by Nanbara, his self proclaimed best friend and worst enemy plants a virus on his computer that is supposed to ruin all of Kazuya's research, frantically Kazuya has to Type his way out of it, with a 4000 letter password that he must get perfectly. After entering the crazy rapping password, Kazuya finds him self on the Cyber Dyne website, thinking its still part of the virus, Kazuya tries to get out of the website as fast as he can, pushing any random key he happens to come across, Kazuya has no choice to pull the power on his computer. Kazuya is startled by a knock at the door, he opens to find a "Ganguro" delivery girl holding a package, Kazuya is prompted for his Stamp (in japan, people usually use customized rubber stamps for signing for packages.) and on his return form getting it, he discovers the delivery women is gone and his package is just sitting there. Eager to open it, he tears open the package but he is SHOCKED when finds that he ordered a is a 1/6 scale robotic maid named May...moreless