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Handy Manny season 4?

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    Will there be a Handy Manny Season 4 in 2014? It seems so much happened in season 3 like new characters got introduced and Abuelito and Mrs. Portillo's marriage. And some of you mentioned about Elliot's friendship with Carmela and Danny Starr.

    Here's what I want to see:

    More focus on Gary and the Automotive Team: I mean we only saw four episodes with them and Gary. Sneeze was the only one that got proper character development (I mean they kept one thing from his debut the allergic to dust bit). How about the others? They seem neutral. Lefty seems different (In Handy Manny's School for Tools, He was portrayed as a prideful father who believes his son will do his best). Now like the others he seems neutral the only thing we know about his character is that he's talkative. Even Lily herself (In Handy Manny's School for Tools, She was portrayed as an overprotective mother who thinks her son is a fragile thing that can get hurt easily) now like the rest of the Automotive team she seems neutral and the only thing we know about her character is that she cries whenever she is under so much stress. We all know that Roland suffers short-term memory loss. They need other appearances so they can get all the character development they deserve.

    New tools: We need more new tools. Since we have Roland and Sneeze (a vacuum and a toolbox) they're going beyond tools now I think they need to have garden tools now. Even the first physical appearance of a baby tool (The last baby tool we ever saw was in "Amigo Grande" when Pat visualized his family.Yes he had a baby sister). But that was just a picture. I don't care if Manny gets a baby tool or Lily has another baby wrench or if a new tool was a mother and her infant. Like if Manny did get a baby tool I can imagine Flicker being jealous at first then slowly opening up to it (Manny would look cute with a baby tool) if not, They will have Lily have another baby wrench Junior will be the one that will be jealous or If not, like I said a mother tool having a baby tool. Either way, I just want to see a baby tool as well as other new tools.

    More focus on Beamer and Carmela: Beamer seemed so happy when Carmela adopted him. I wonder they're like now? Did they develop a mother/son-like relationship? I hope they show them together again.

    Flicker finally getting speak a whole sentence in English- Flicker spent the whole third season saying only a single word. Now Flicker needs to put English words together in a sentence.

    Manny's parents finally appearing physically- All we get is Manny talking about them or pictures of them. It's like their dead and Manny just remembers them. Now we need proof that they're alive and not dead.

    How is Mrs. Portillo doing with Abuelito- They're married and I wonder how they are doing.

    I hope we get a season 4 here soon. Even the Disney Junior annual 2014 stated that their gonna bring back Handy Manny and Jake and the Neverland pirates. So it's possible. I hope so. We'll be happy.

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    how about Manny marrying Kelly?

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