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  • It's okay but the new episodes are weird

    Overall I think the show is okay. I watch it occasionally (just auditing). The episodes are decent but the new one are just plain weird. Like Beamer stating that he's "growing" but then he turned out to be like orphan (Like a child loves his mother. Beamer loves Carmela). Then there's Lily, Lefty, and Junior. Lily and Lefty seem to act their ages unlike the other tools (they're so mature). But I don't like the fact Junior is their son. I look at him and ask myself "How on earth was he even born?". What I do like about it is that they are caring to their child. Lefty can just chatter your ears off. He talks and he talks (more than the other tools). He always has something to say. Well... Lily she's a whole 'nother story. I mean she's emotional and starts crying like a baby when she's depressed or stressed (in "Hank's Birthday" if you look closely when she talks about candles as she struggles to finish her sentence you can see tears in her eyes then once she does finish the sentence she bursts into tears). She is overprotective (She'll be like "Junior don't do that!" and Junior will be like "Mom that's not gonna happen"). Junior (scream) he's just like Squeeze. Roland is too glutton. In "Hank's Birthday" he was taking over as stewardess the chips were completely. Roland admits he ate them "they were delicious". Really?

    All in all, it's an olay show
  • What was Wilmer Valderrama thinking when he signed on to this? I'm sure he regrets it now.

    Believe it or not, Disney isn't new to preschool programming, they showed a LOT of it on the Disney Channel in the late 1990's and early 2000's, including Rolie Polie Olie, The Book of Pooh, Bear and the Big Blue House, Stanley, and more. Shows that are educational and informative, but mostly fun. Unfortunately, it didn't last. They had no choice but to compete with Nick's loud and obnoxious preschool programming such as Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer in 2006, and as a result, not only do we have a show that's not a good fit for Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) or a steaming pile of dung that disgraces classical music (Little Einsteins), but we also have one of the most inconsistent shows on preschool television today.

    I don't know where to start, the fact that this is Disney's answer to Dora the Explorer (with the fact that it teaches kids that are to young to learn new languages how to speak Spanish), or the fact that this has been running since 2006. Either way, like any other show on Disney Junior, this show talks down to very, very little kids.. What's even more disturbing you ask? The fact that Wilmer Valderrama, the guy that played Fez on That 70's Show, voices the title character, Manny. I don't know what the hell Wilmer was thinking when he signed on to this, but I can't really blame him if he thinks it pays him good money. However, I'm sure he regrets the fact that he has to play a character that Disney thought would compete with the travesty that is Dora the Explorer. It's better than Dora, but it's still not very good.
  • Disney's weapon against Dora.


    Plot: Manny, who always goes into the town to repair things, from his stupid customers. Why are they stupid? They always break their things.

    Characters: Way out of place and dumbfounded. Voice acting is screechy. Dialogue is poor. And just like Dora, this is an anthropomorphic dimension, his "tools" talk and move.

    Value: Pointless. Not the time for the kids to repair electricity, and as Copper40 says, you must buy a new tv if your tv was broken. Common sense please. And at last, they're not talking to the screen.

    Art: Really sluggish animation, and poor quality of 3d.

    Overall: 0.1. It fails.
  • Manny isn't really Handy

    This show is about a Mexican repairman named Manny who fixes his lazy friends stuff that they break with his trusty tools, who apparently can talk. His tools are Dusty, who's a saw. Pat, a clumsy hammer. Rusty, a wrench that gets scared easily. Squeez, a pair of pliers and is the only female tool. Felipe, a Phillips Screwdriver who has an annoying accent. Turner, a Flathead Screwdriver who's a little grouchy sometimes. Stretch, a measuring tape, and finally Flicker, a flashlight that appeared in season 3 (I think) and can only speak Spanish. Now, remember when I said Manny's Friends are lazy. I mean they are lazy. I mean, c'mon! If you have a broken lamppost, you don't call a repairman who is apparently the only one in town to fix it, you get another one! Dosen't a repairman need a break? Speaking if repairmans, Manny always needs stuff he dosen't have. So he goes to Kelly's Shop for that item. Wow, that's pathetic, a repairman who dosen't have what he needs? Who made this guy be a repairman?! Kelly also has everything Manny needs in every episode, like she has infintie items. This show is also in CGI, which is really bad since CGI is ugly as hell.

    Final Score: 1.0

    Grade: F
  • Bob the Builder for WETBACKS!

    Seriously Disney, just because you employ half your work force with illegal workers, it does not make it right to sugar coat it with this show! Let's see: Handy Mandy is obviously from a Mexican decent and clearly not of the decent as everyone else in the show. The premise is that Mandy fixes everything in town himself. Why? All the of the real qualified tradesman in town with an actual trade license are all gone. Handy Mandy comes to town with his "free working tools" and no specific trade background, he was able to undercut everyone's price and drive them all away. Nobody in the town doesn't seem to catch the fact that due to Mandy's horrible workmanship he keeps coming back to the same customers. Mandy is always spending as much time as he can with the local women to hopefully get a wife and green card.
  • The show isn't bad, but there are a lot of flaws

    Handy Manny, I will say it isn't bad. It is definly has a good motto, and he doesn't talk to the screen like many annoying playhouse disney shows(YAY!!!). But the tools, though funny do get on your nerves from time to time with their little eyeballs. and the fact he speaks spanish, which not only a total ripoff of Dora, it really isn't nessacary.
  • Hispanic hand man helps neighbors using teamwork.

    Handy Manny is a very colorful, with beautiful animation. The characters are lovable with varying personalities (timid, grumpy, stubborn, etc) Manny teaches problem solving (without talking to the screen) increases vocabulary in both English and Spanish. He is always willing to help a neighbor in need and shows the value of teamwork. As an adult I find it entertaining,and sometimes even a little humorous, and my son LOVES it. The music is catchy, the characters have different races, disabilies etc which teaches understanding to children who have questions like wheelchair uses, people who have a visual impairment or hearing impairment and empathy. Though there are some stereotypes, it is really hard to stay away from those when having a culturally diverse television show. Would children be interested if Manny was a CEO with talking office supplies? Not likely. A handy man makes sense as children like builders and tools. Well done, hope this program stays on air for awhile
  • A great show for all ages!

    Handy Manny is an awesome show. Some people may say it's a mixture of Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder, but I have to disagree. I love the tools most of all, plus the songs. I don't even know how people think it's like Dora and Bob. First of all, Manny does speak Spanish but he doesn't say "Can you say (insert Spanish word here)?", and second Bob has CONSTRUCTION tools. Bob BUILDS things while Manny FIXES things, and there is a "leader" to the construction tools,which is Scoop (unofficial) and I don't think there is a leader to the tools in Handy Manny.
  • A spanish worker and his magical tools tried to fix the show , but it kept on breaking. What they didn't know is that this show cannot be fixed because it's bad.

    Handy Manny is one of the newest Playhouse Disney programs and my second review on the spin-off on Disney Channel. The plot of having a constructor to teach little kids a few things with his tools along the way is a rip-off on Bob The Builder. Did I mention that the main characters speak Spanish? Even on a little kids' show , this is a rip-off on Dora right there. This is the second show that rippped off another show that's bad! A bad decision.

    Spongeyfan is even righter when Stanley seems to be the hip on the channel... that's now gone. Doodlebops , a little bit of Charlie & Lola , and who can forget Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are one of the others that make Playhouse Disney look like a Sin to adults.

    I feel like ending my review with a score between 1.0 - 2.0 at the moment. So instead , I give it a 1.5 out of 10.0. No more constant rip-offs , Disney!
  • Move over Dora. There's a new Spanish Speaker.

    Handy Manny is about a repair man named manny and his 7 talking tools, sybolizes that everyone has a special job and to use team work. I like how it dosn't shove too much spanish language in to the tiny brain of a child. *coughlikeDoraDoes*. I love how this show is really realistic. It dosn't talk to the audenice, the dialouge is real, and the lesson atully matter... unlike Dora. So I hope this show can really beat Dora in ratings. Ok since I'm only at 87 words I'll need to compare Dora with Manny.

    Lessons: Manny teaches teamwork and Spanish. Dora: uses repetive spanish words and "which path dosn't have bugs on it"

    diolauge: Manny: relistic and exactly what a 4-7 year old would say. Dora: annoying and repeative.

    voice overs: Manny: funny, real, and believible. Dora: Annoying, bad acting

    So Go manny. Manny's da Man
  • Handy Manny is about a bilingual handyman named Manuel Garcia a.k.a. Manny who lives in the town of Sheetrock Hills. Anytime that anyone has a problem need fixing, they call on Manny and his tools; and in no time flat they get the job done.

    Handy Manny is by far the best show ever created and the characters are undeniably amazing. When it comes to shows being shown in different languages all over the world, Handy Manny is by far the number one show that raises the bar for other tv shows in the making. Kids and parents both agree that Handy Manny is not only fun but educational as well since it teaches kids about a lot of things such as allowing others to help out when help is offered, finding solutions to difficult problems and finding the confidence within yourself. Amazing and impressive.
  • handy manny is great

    I absolutly love handy manny I think its great I watch it with my lil sis all the time its the best show ever I love it I specially like pat the hammer "I'M A HAMMER" he always says I love it and so does my lil sis. handy manny is a great learning show for little kids.It teaches them to share and help others. thats why I love it so much and why I always watch it with my lil sister.Also I think that its a very inspirational show it helps kids realize that they can be and do anything they set there minds to.
  • good show

    i like this show
    its about a repairman that talks spanish and his talking tools
    its a nice show the family can see
    its also funny too
    so i like this show and that is all i need to say
    but the site says my review needs to have 100 words in it
    so i am saying more words right now so i can get my review done more quick and fast
    and spaces do not count as words so i have to type letters
    and it is almost almost almost almost almost there
    yep it will get there and moment now
    yeah fix fix fix fix fix alright my review is done
  • Hate it but it educates toddlers!

    No offence but Handy Manny is one of the worst TV shows in my opinion i just don't like it but unlike Bob the Builder it is educational and teaches toddlers stuff and this show actually does have good voice actors and Bob the Builder has horrible voice actors this is a toddlers show which is good for toddlers teaches them unlike Bob the Builder yes it kinda is a rip off of Bob the Builder but some of it is quite different i actually only find Stanley a show that is good on Playhouse Disney this however does not suck that much it only gets a 10 because it's educational and i do hate the show because i think it's lame but still it is educational for toddlers unlike shows like Bob the Builder,Robotboy and Dora the Explorer.
  • An awesome show for the whole family!

    This show is truely fantastic. All of my younger cousins love it, even I do, and I'm in high school! It teaches kids spainish, problem solving and working together. Some people may think that Handy Manny is a combo of Bob the Builder and Dora the Explorer, but it is a thousand times better than both of them combined!! Out of all the characters on this show, I'd have to say my most favorite characters would have to be Manny and Squeeze. And my favorite episode would have to be Rusty's Little Light and Squeeze in a Pinch. This show is great for everyone, big and small, and that's all I have to say.
  • Another great offering from Playhouse Disney

    As if we needed another reason to watch Playhouse Disney besides the lack of overt commercials this show delivers a cute story and cast of characters. It's hard to imagine Fez playing the title character but once you get past that it's pretty enjoyable. My preschooler loves it and now calls all the tools we use around the house by the names from Handy Manny. I'm not sure what exactly people who rate this low are looking for but I can't imagine they are reviewing it based on the intended audience of preschoolers. It's not Sponge Bob and thank goodness for that.
  • Handy Manny and his tools help people in his neighborhood to fix what is broken. With team work they get it done.

    A personal favorite of my 2 year old son. He loves to sing the theme song and even says the words in Spanish. It is really cute it shows the importance of working together as a team, friendship, and that even if you mess up it can be fixed if you just be honest and ask for help when you need it. The website is pretty cool too, with fun games to play and songs to sing. My son now tried to \\\"fix\\\" or \\\"clean\\\" everything. I would give it a shot if you have children. To get more information go to \\\"Playhouse Disney\\\"
    and look up \\\"Handy Manny\\\".
  • The animation is great, the characters, particularly the tools are fun and colorful, the music is catchy, and every child age 2-5 I have witnessed watching the show is absolutely riveted to the screen.

    The animation is great, the characters, particularly the tools are fun and colorful, and the music is catchy. Unusual in a show for pre-schoolers, the show themes are educational without being preachy. I have been with a number of children watching the show, and every child age 2-5 in the audience has been absolutely riveted to the screen.

    Within two episodes, the children were waving at the main character, Manny, and saying, "Hola, Manny !" They started singing along to the theme song, and asking for upcoming shows. The show is colorful, wonderful, silly, fun, and makes a point. Everything parents should look for in a show for kids.
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