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Hang Time

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Hang Time is basically just another teen coming-of-age sitcom. The twist here is, however, that it focuses on a boys basketball team with one female team member. The show is generically the same as the rest - same jokes, same gags, same characters, touches on the same issues - but it is one of the best of the genre. In fact, the series was continuosly the highest rated Saturday morning series on NBC's teen line-up.

Chad Gabriel

Chad Gabriel

Danny Mellon (1995-1998)

David Hanson

David Hanson

Chris Atwater (1995-1996)

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan

Vince D'Amata (1996-1998)

Phillip Glasser

Phillip Glasser

Eugene Brown (1999-2000)

Robert Michael Ryan

Robert Michael Ryan

Earl Hatfield (1995-1996)

Danso Gordon

Danso Gordon

Kenny "Silk" Hayes (1998-2000)

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  • Put this classic teen show in a complete DVD series box including closed captions, please!

    This is a best teen classic TV series of history. It is way better than the original class of Saved By The Bell, but not quite strongly public as Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. But it has an advantage and the true story has been revealed.

    It is all about a transferred girl student, who acts like an explorer, enters Deering, a Co-Ed high school, that only has boys basketball team and no girls basketball team at all.

    I don't think this type of too many cast changes is that bad. The total number of the cast is even and the cast changes is also even, unlike all Saved By The Bell classes. They also did not change the main character (Daniella Deutscher as Julie Connor) and the outstanding funniest supporting character (Megan Parlen as Mary Beth Pepperton) at all. They both stayed in this show for all 104 episodes and all six seasons, which is good enough.

    The ending was spectacular because she scored the winning shot and ended the series in graduation. The six other teens graduated at the same time and, of course, coach had to stay to bring the boys basketball back to normal and Deering High School formed a new girls basketball team at the same time. This is the ending that Fresh Prince should have in their series.

    So I really want the Hang Time DVD in a complete set in the future and there will be no excuse at all!moreless
  • Hang Time is one of my favourite shows.

    -Hang Time is about a team of basketball players at Deering school. Each season has its own mystery and romance. The main character is Julie Connor. In each season you can say that Julie has a new love.

    -Here's the cast: (these are only the people that take part in all the seasons)

    .Daniella Deutscher as Julie Connor

    .Megan Parlen as Mary Beth Pepperton

    -Here's the rest of the cast:

    .David Hanson as Chris Atwater

    .Chad Gabriel as Danny Mellon

    .Hillary Tuck as Samantha Morgan

    .Christian Benz Belnavis as Michael Maxwell

    .Robert Michael Ryan as Earl Hatfield

    .Reggie Theus as Coach Bill Fuller

    .Kevin Bell as Josh Sanders

    .Amber Barretto as Kristy Ford

    .Adam Frost as Michael Manning

    .Michael Sullivan as Vince D'Amata

    .Anthony Anderson as Teddy Brodis

    .Jay Hernandez as Antonio Lopez

    .Mark Familgietti as Nick Hammer

    .Danso Gordon as Kenny "Silk" Hayes

    .Phillip Glasser as Eugene Brown .Paige Peterson as Amy Wright

    .James Villani as Rico Bosco

    .Dick Butkus as Coach Mike Katowinski.

    Hang Time is one of my favourite Tv shows because its filled with comdey, a little romance and drama and it has basketball involved! I LOVE basketball!! :)moreless
  • This show is a classic, even if there a cast changes in this show, for six years. It features the girl basketball player in a boys basketball team helping the Deering Tornados win more games since there is only a boys basketball team in that high school.moreless

    No matter how bad cast changes are in some shows, this show has better cast changes than Saved By The Bell: The New Class. Only two female actresses, Daniella Deutscher (Julie Connor) and Megan Parlen (Mary Beth Pepperton), stayed in this show for all six seasons. I really want all six seasons in DVD as soon as possible, it deserves it. The show ended properly when the main character Julie completes something, graduates from high school, and being the last one to leave the stage in the series finale. Hang Time is a classic teen show in this television history.moreless
  • Ok so this show was about a baskitball team with a girl on it...at least all the girls in the show were cute!

    Ok so this is another one of the saturday morning shows i would watch along with saved by the bell and california dreams. I enjoyed this show being a fan of baskitball. It was fun to watch, but you can tell that they were trying hard to keep the show going. Julie was cute though and the cheerleaders were hot! so that makes it fun. And when Teddy was on the show he brought some good comedy to the show. Hes now a preatty well known comedic actor. I think having regie theus and dic buckis on helped bring interest to the show but there weren't necassary. I will definitely have memories of this show thoughmoreless
  • Dick, from professional football to this?

    For Saturday morning teen fare-I really wouldn't expect much more than this show provided-luke warm acting performances, silly plots and corny lines. The fact that there was a female on the male varsity basketball team (hence the title "Hang Time") was quite a unique idea. But even that was made into a moot point by a run-of-the-mill story line. The show worked, but there were quite a few things that made it one of the worse teen comedies ever on TV (almost on par with the abysmal Sweet Valley High and Saved by the Bell the New Class). When there was nothing else to watch, then Hang Time was OK.moreless

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