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Poll: Comparisons

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    1) Kristy or Mary Beth? IMO, I prefer both

    2) Hammer of Antonio? IMO, Antonio

    3) Rico or Eugene? IMO, Eugene

    4) Fuller of Katowinski? IMO, either

    Kristy and Mary Beth are cute and funny, but they both remind me Hilary and Ashley of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Kristy is like Ashley and Mary Beth is like Hilary.

    Antonio is cool and a little funnier than Hammer, while Hammer is too dramatic, I' m glad they got rid of Hammer after season 4.

    Eugene is also cool, funnier and less annoying than Rico, Rico is also funnier but he's too annoying, I'm also glad they got rid of Rico after season 4.

    Both coaches are not perfect, but Fuller is better because he coach basketball all his life, Katowinski is funnier with gruff humor and jokes and he reminds me of Carl of Gimme A Break! and Mel of Alice.

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